Customer in Chile Bought Trackless Mall Train in Chile

In September 2022, one of our regular customer in Chile bought trackless trains from Beston amusement for a new shopping mall project. We have cooperated for almost five years and he has kept buying our trackless trains and other related accessories for many times since then. He trusted us and established long-term business cooperation with us, so we will never let him down. From now on, we will continue to provide quality products and excellent service supports.

trackless mall train for sale in Chile
Beston Electric Trackless Train for Shopping Mall in Chile – Customer Feedback

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Introduction of Trackless Mall Trains for Sale in Chile

This trackless train is electric powered and can be applied to shopping malls, indoor fun centers, amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, kids parks, leisure resort, scenic spot and so on. With attractive appearance, gorgeous LED lights, affordable price and low maintenance rate, many investors choose to invest in this trackless trains for their business. Besides, in order to satisfy our customers’ need, we can customize the trackless trains for them, just like the customer in Chile.

trackless trains for sale in Beston factory
Beston Trackless Mall Train in the Factory

mall trackless train price
Electric Trackless Train for Sale in Beston Factory

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Project Introduction of Trackless Trains in Chile

We have started to cooperated with our customer since December 2018. At that time, he bought 2 sets of trackless trains (1 locomotive + 4 wagons), one trackless train with (1 locomotive + 1 wagons), as well as some accessories for his business in shopping mall. Besides, he bought six sets of trackless trains from our company just in 2018 and 2019. Thanks to his trust, we have established a long-term partnership and constantly purchased from our company.

Customer's company
Customer’s Website of Beston Trackless Train

Trackless Trains for A New Shopping Mall in Chile

At the beginning of August 2022, we received our customer’s new demand. He indicated that he was going to put trackless trains in a new shopping mall in his city. After communication, we got to know that he should sign a contract with the shopping mall and get the operation permission. Then we quoted the price of trackless trains and accessories for our customer. Because of years of cooperation, he believes Beston is a reliable manufacturer. At the end of August, our customer in Chile paid the trackless trains with the discounted price we offered.

trackless mall train for sale ion Chile
Trackless Mall Train for Sale in Chile – Customer Feedback

mall train ride manufacturer in Chile
Beston Electric Trackless Mall Train in Chile

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Why Customer in Chile Choose Beston?

  • Long-term Cooperation: We have cooperated with the customer in Chile for 5+ years and this is a good foundation on cooperation. So, he thinks Beston is very trustworthy and think highly of us.
  • Customer Satisfaction: According to the feedback photos and videos from our customer in Chile, he felt very satisfied with our trackless trains, including not only the attractive appearance but also product quality.
  • Reasonable Price and Discount: The trackless trains price offer for our customer is factory price, which is relatively competitive price. Besides, we also gave him a discount because he has purchased from us for many years. What’s more, we sent a toolbox as a gift for him.
  • Cost-effective: It is more cost-effective for him to buy accessories and trackless trains together. And that is exactly what we can supply for him.
  • Quick responses: we provide the quotation for him in time according to the accessories lists.
  • Service and Support: Beston can supply more than what you expect! Beston can help our customers in different aspects, such as park design, project solution, product customization, delivery support, installation and maintenance service, project operation and instruction, and so on.
Customer feedback in Chile
Customer Feedback – Beston Customer in Chile

Contact Beston for Further Cooperation

This is one of our customers in Chile, and our customers have reached almost every corner of the world. Therefore, if you have any demands or supports, or establish your own park project, feel free to contact Beston Amusement without hesitation! We will make every effort to provide you a satisfying project solution!

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