Crazy Dance Carnival Ride for Sale

Crazy dance carnival rides, as one of the popular thrill rides, is a kind of new spinning amusement park equipment in Beston group. This equipment can spin as well as go up and down, which is very thrilling. So, the crazy dance carnival rides are the integral whole of ups and downs, revolution and rotation. What’s more, this equipment just breaks the traditional amusement rides.

When the breakdance rides are operating, the cabins will begin to rotate along with the going up and down of the big arms, just like the butterfly-like dancing. It gives visitors the dazzling feelings, very thrilling! Visitors can get the great fun from this equipment and it will satisfy the visitors the greatest degree. It combines the flying UFO rides and the energy storm rides: it has the rotary speed with the disco rides and high thrill with the energy storm.

However, it is cheaper than these two equipments. As the most thrilling amusement rides of all exemption equipment, it is fairly wise to buy such a wonderful rides – crazy dance carnival rides. Beston amusement can manufacture and customize different types of crazy dance rides for our customers according to their requirement. Feel free to contact Beston group to get the details!

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BAR-BD24a Beston Crazy Dance Carnival Rides for Sale

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Main Structures of Beston Crazy Dance Carnival Rides:

Crazy dance rides spin at a high speed with the colorful LED lights. There are four spinning turntable around the central axis, which is located in the big platform. In general, there are three or four turntables of this equipment, each turntable has four cabins and each cabin can accommodate two passengers. So, Beston crazy dance has 24 or 32 seaters.

It is manufactured with the thick and high quality FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and national standard steel. In order to ensure the safety, Beston break dance rides are equipped with double protection: safety bar (it has handrail for passenger) and safety belt to avoid the danger.

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BAR-BD24c Hot Break Dance Rides for Sale in Beston

Model: BAR-BD24c
Color: customized
Diameter: 9.5m
Material: fiberglass + steel
Height: 5m
Voltage: 220/380v
Power: 16.5kw
Cabin No.:12
Capacity: 24 Persons
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BAR-BD32a Quality Breakdance Rides for Sale in Beston

Model: BAR-BD32a
Color: customized
Diameter: 9.5m
Material: fiberglass + steel
Height: 5m
Voltage: 220/380v
Power: 16.5kw
Cabin No.:16
Capacity: 32 Persons
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Main Features of Beston Breakdance Amusement Rides:

1. Simple steel structure design: easy installation and maintenance.
2. Adopt superior fiberglass reinforced plastic as the raw material.
3. High pressure load for the seat: it can load 150 kg/seat.
4. Use environment friendly car paint, no pollution for the air.
5. We also accept color customized, and can paint your logo and banner on the product.

Main Specification of Beston Crazy Dance Rides:

  • Use 4 mm thickness good quality steel material, which is smooth welding without any welding slag.
  • Use anti corrosion painting to protect it from corrosion. So it can serve you for a long time without bringing you any trouble. What’s more, the color can be customized as your taste.
  • As for the FRP decoration, we add LED lights as many as possible, which makes it more attractive and beautiful, to attract more passengers for you.
  • We insist on testing run each ride after it is manufactured, to make sure it can work smoothly and normally when the clients receive it.

It is necessary to prepare for everything to run the business in amusement equipment industry. For example, during the process of manufacturing the amusement park equipment, you should confirm the space, foundation and so on. It can avoid the waste of resources. The crazy dance carnival sells well in recent two years because of the attractive appearance, big capacity, thrill and great fun. It can effectively attract customers. If you are looking for this crazy dance carnival rides and other amusement park equipment, please contact us here.

Parameter Of Beston Crazy Dance Carnival Rides:

Cabin No. Size Area Height Capacity Power Voltage
9 φ12m φ14m 2.9m 18 persons 16.5kw 380v
12 φ15m φ17m 2.9m 24 persons 19.5kw 380v
15 φ15m φ17m 2.9m 30 persons 22.5kw 380v

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