Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Park Project in Nigeria

Beston has built 300+ different types of park projects in 80+ countries in the world. Most of these park solutions are highly recognized by our customers. Here is how did Beston build a compound hotel park project for customer in Nigeria!
Hello, I have a compound hotel and resort in Nigeria. I want to make use of the vacant space next to my hotel so that it can earn money and attract more customers at the same time. Then, I contact Beston for help. Now, it has passed more than one year after installation, I received unexpected gains, and thanks for all supports from Beston. Beston Rides has spared no effort to build my park project from consulting service, product selection, park solutions, production, delivery, installation and project operation.
Beston park project in Nigeria

Cooperation Process – Project in Nigeria

Beston park project in Nigeria
Confirm Initial and Final Demands
Learn the Project: The project is about 1800 m² compound outdoor park in Nigeria. It is next to the Vinmilan Hotel & Resort, a compound hotel. In November 2019, a regular customer sent us a WhatsApp message and told us the demands to buy some amusement equipment and build a park. In order to serve our customer better and build an attractive park project, our sales manager began to do research on the surrounding environment, passenger flow, transportation, local culture and customs, and so on.
Initial Demands: At first, they sent us a catalog about their initial demands, which is out of date at the moment. Perhaps, it can not attract passengers’ attention now. As we are trying our best to do more than what our customers expect, we told them about fact about the catalog.
Product Recommendation: We suggested some more new amusement rides (for instance kiddie ferris wheel and disco rides, etc.) which are popular in the market now and sent them some photos and videos to them as a reference. At the same time, our sales manager also introduced these amusement rides in details.
Final Demands: In the end, the investor in Nigeria selected 7 sets of amusement park rides for the outdoor park in the compound hotel. And it included the followings park rides from Beston Amusement: carousel ride, fruit swing ride, space walking ride, fruit worm roller coaster, self-control kiddie plane ride, disco ride, and kiddie ferris wheel.
amusement park design from Beston in Nigeria
Compound Hotel Park Solution
Time Spent on Compound Hotel Park Design: It took about one week to confirm the final park solutions. During the period, we have changed the park solutions for four times according to our customers’ requirement until they felt satisfied with the solution.
Park Solution Foundation: Our technical personnel manage the park solutions is not just according to imagination. They must learn about the customers’ demands in details, local culture and customs, local customers’ preference, and so on. Besides, they should think what our customers’ think and meet our customers’ requirements. We spare not effort to provide the optimal park solutions for our customers.
Main Business of Beston: Beston, a well-known brand in the world, can not only offer quality amusement rides for our customers, but also can provide popular park solutions and excellent services. The main business of Beston amusement is composed of amusement ride manufacture, park solutions (outdoor parks and indoor fun centers), product customization, lighting project.
Production of Beston amusement park rides for sale
Production and Test in Beston Factory
• Production Cycle: In Beston, we do all we can do to arrange the production so that the transportation can be on time. For example, the production cycle of the compound hotel project is about 45 days in our factory. We have comprehensive workshop with advanced production technologies, so we can guarantee the product quality as well as the production efficiency.
• Waterproof Treatment: Because of the rainy weather in Nigeria, it is necessary for rust protection. We adopted all treatments and new spray-painting for all amusement rides to prolong the service life and help customers save time and money.
• Customer’s Trust: The customer sent an agent to visit our factory and we also held a video conference with our customer in the factory. After communication, we finally won our customer’s trust, and they placed the order from our company.
• Running Test: All Beston Amusement equipment must be undertaken several rounds of product test. As the park project in Nigeria, we tested these 7 sets of amusement rides in our factory for almost 10 days to ensure the machine can work well in our customers’ park.
beston amusement equipment installation
Solution to Installation and Delivery
• Delivery Cycle: The whole delivery cycle is about two months. In general, we arrange the sea transportation for our customer, which is safer, more reliable and more affordable.
• Force Majeure: Because of the COVID-19, we had to delay the delivery as all port and factory has been closed for a period of time to fight the epidemic together. And we promise to arrange the delivery as soon as possible.
• Difficulties in Installation : In general, as for installation, we always dispatch engineers to our customers. But now, due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, there is no choice to fly to Nigeria to install the amusement equipment.
• Our Solutions: Beston has a group of excellent and united employees and nothing can embarrass us. We advised our customers to find a local installation engineer and guided them according to foundation drawings, installation instructions and videos. We also sent some spare parts for them for free because of some emergencies during installation. Beston gave all supports for our customers for the smooth implementation of the compound hotel park project in Nigeria.
Project Operation and Further Cooperation
• Project Operation: If necessary, Beston Rides can offer support on investment analysis and project operation for park project of our customers. We can  make a plan about how to open,  how to attract more passengers for projects, how to celebrate the festival, how to retain core customers, and so on. Whenever you have questions, please feel free to contact us!
• Project Current Situation: The photos in the left is the current situation of the compound park project in Nigeria. Now, it has been in operation more than two years, but it still worked well until now. All amusement equipment is in good condition and the outdoor park is also popular among so many parks in the city. It has promoted the hotel and resort business to step into a higher stage.
• Intention of further cooperation: The CEO of the compound hotel park project felt fairly satisfied with our park solutions, amusement rides quality, considerate service  as well as ability of project operation. Therefore, they expressed the intention to cooperate with each other deeply in the future. We are also looking forward to building a better park project for our customers and achieving win-win cooperation. If anyone who has some demands to invest in amusement business, do not hesitate to contact Beston here!

What We Can Do for Our Customers

“Beston promises to do all we can do to make our customers’ dream come true. We can offer park solutions, amusement ride production, delivery and installation, maintenance, and profit proposal. We hope to create a world full of love, joy and happiness!”


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