1000m2 Children’s Entertainment Center In Kazakhstan

Congratulations! Our 1000 square meter forest theme indoor playground equipment for sale in Kazakhstan has already put into operation! We contacted the customer in January 2023, and the project has been in operation for several months now. Here are some product details of our cooperation process. Do you want to buy equipment for a children’s entertainment center—This project has gradually turned into the most worthwhile investment project nowadays. Free consultation now to get a quote!

Project Process Of 1000m2 Children’s Entertainment Center In Kazakhstan

1000m2 Children Entertainment Center For Sale In Kazakhstan
1000m2 Children Entertainment Center For Sale In Kazakhstan

Needs Communication with Customers

In January 2023, we received an inquiry from a customer who had a location but lacked experience in indoor playground centers and amusement park operations. After attempting to find local suppliers without success, the customer reached out to inquire about amusement equipment suppliers in their area. We, having numerous successful cases in Kazakhstan and a high level of recognition, were discovered through a Google search for “Beston Rides.”
Family Entertainment Center for sale in Kazakhstan
1000m2 Family Entertainment Center Design

Children Entertainment Center Design Plan

First of all, when measuring the site for the customer, we found that the project site is located on the first floor of the basement, with many slopes and different heights, which made the measurement difficult. However, our team successfully overcame this difficulty through precision measurement tools and professional technology to ensure the accurate installation of subsequent equipment.

Based on the relevant needs of customers and our Beston Rides experience in the Kazakh market, we design forest-style indoor playground equipments for customers that are popular with local people. We have many indoor and outdoor cases in the CIS region, including Russia, Kazakhstan Stan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, etc. If you are interested in investing in playgrounds in the CIS region, choosing Beston Rides is the best choice! Contact us now!

indoor soft playground installation
Beston On-site Installation Guidance

Transportation and Installation

In June 2022, the project entered a critical stage. All commercial indoor playground equipment has been produced and packaging and shipment has begun. During the amusement equipment packaging process, we need to ensure that the equipment is stored safely for transportation to its final destination in Nigeria, specifically Eagle Park. In addition, we mark the packaging and containers so that the corresponding equipment can be found faster.
forest indoor playground equipment for sale in Kazakhstan
Customer Feedbacks of forest indoor playground equipment for sale in Kazakhstan

Customer Feedbacks In Kazakhstan

Although this was the customer’s first venture into the amusement industry, after a few months of operation, they realized the immense potential and profitability in the local market. They found significant opportunities for expansion, intending to open more children’s amusement centers in other locations. The customer provided positive feedback on our products and services and expressed the intention to make further investments in the future.

Beston Park Design Solution

With the development of the economy and the recovery of the global economy, investing in amusement equipment has become more and more popular. People are willing to relax by going to some amusement parks, shopping malls, resorts, etc. If you also want to invest in an amusement park or indoor park, contact us, and we will provide free design and professional guidance!
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Outdoor Park Design

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Trampoline Park Design

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