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Carousel Rides for sale

Carousel ride, as a popular amusement ride with lower investment and high return, is always investors’ first choice when choosing to invest in amusement industry. The carousel rides can be widely seen in different occasions and is welcomed by kids and adults. And Beston can supply various carousel rides for sale with competitive price and attractive themes for investors to choose from, which is suitable for different age groups. Feel free to contact us here!

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Double Decker Carousel Ride in Beston

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Popular Carousel Rides for Sale in Beston Factory

Many customers may be confused about choosing carousel rides within a wide variety and different shapes. As a classic amusement rides with a long history, carousel ride in the market now almost can satisfy customers’ different requirements. You should be clear about your demands and the different types of carousel when selecting to buy one from a carousel manufacturer.

As for carousel ride types, Beston classifies carousels according to different standards, which can help customers to pick the most suitable one and also can satisfy their different demands. Please take into all factors when you are looking for to buy the carousel rides. You can contact Beston amusement and our professional manager will suggest you the popular carousel rides for your investment, and we also can help you make the project solution. Therefore, Beston will be your optimal selection and we can offer more values than you can think.

Which kind of carousel ride are you interested in? (capacity, models, themes, colors, etc.)

Videos of Different Carousel Rides

Here you can find videos of different types of carousel ride in Beston. If you want to find more videos, please contact us here! We can supply various carousel rides and also customized carousel ride from our factory. When you are planning to buy a popular carousel ride, Beston will be your ideal selection!

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Material Selection and Production Process of Beston Carousel Rides

Beston manufactures carousel ride as well as other amusement ride in our factory with integrated workshops and leaning producing process. High quality raw materials and advanced technology can guarantee the product quality, passengers’ safety, longer service life, attractive appearance and so on. Check below for more details about our factory and the material selection and production process here:

Planning to buy a carousel ride? What do you want to know about carousel ride?

Where Carousel Rides Can Be Used?

Carousel rides, as one of the best-selling amusement rides from Beston company, have a wide application and is popular in many occasions, such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, outdoor playgrounds, indoor fun centers, scenic spot, shopping malls, even the residential areas, etc. Different investors can choose the most suitable carousel merry go round for sale in the market to meet their demands.

Carousel Rides Exporting to Different Countries and Areas

Beston carousel rides have been exported to different countries around the world, such as Botswana, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, etc. And quite a number of customers have repurchased for many times. Some carousel rides are installed in amusement or theme parks, and some are applied to indoor fun center. And these carousel rides have brought much more benefits for investors in recent years. The following are introduction of some cases.

More successful cases of purchasing carousel rides or other park rides in Beston?

Why Do the Investors Choose to Buy Carousel Rides?

It is extremely important to choose a trustworthy manufacturer when buying carousel rides online. Please click to contact us and check Beston carousel merry go round for sale, you will find Beston is a reliable manufacturer and will never let you down.

  1. Easy Installation: Beston carousel ride is with novel shape and relatively simple mechanical structure. And every segment is marked before leaving the factory, which is convenient to install and maintain.
  2. Steel Materials: All steel materials are purchased from well-known domestic brands, which are preferably selected and conforming to Chinese standard Q235B. And the components are from first-line brand.
  3. High Quality FRP: Beston carousel adopts FRP with three layers felts and two 191A Platinum cloth, which is in bright colors and fairly smooth and durable. What’s more, the shape can be customized
  4. Attractive Appearance: Customers can choose carousel rides with beautiful appearance in our factory, such as ocean, royal, christmas, forest, and other popular themes. We have attached much attention to the design or appearance of carousel ride.  Besides, Beston can customize product appearance for you.
  5. Unexpected Experience: Beston carousel ride is equipped with colorful light with high-quality LED chips and the superior quality sound system, making tourists feel like they are in a colorful and fairy tale dream.
  6. High cost performance: Low maintenance cost, higher safety performance, more comfortable experience, and long service life of the equipment.
  7. Profitable Investment: As a popular kids rides with lower investment and higher return, it has a higher attendance rate. It is a high-end and middle-end product, which is worth to invest in.
  8. Various Carousel Rides: There are various Carousel Rides for customers to choose from and product customization (theme, color, logo, etc.) is also available in Beston.
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Double Decker Carousel Ride for Sale
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Beston Carousel Ride with Reasonable Price

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Beston Fiberglass Carousel Rides with Competitive Price

When you are purchasing the carousel rides or other carousel rides, you should not just consider the price. There are many extra factors which are also very important and affecting the carousel price, such as the material, quality, design, our services and so on. You should compare the price with the value before make a decision.

  • High Quality Material: We all know that different materials have different prices. And the material quality can directly affect the product quality, which means the passengers’ safety and service life. As for the materials, Beston carousel rides used high quality 0.55mm PVC, 5mm FRP and Q235B steel, and it means our carousel ride is higher in quality, environmental friendly, low maintenance and longer service life.
  • High Configuration: Compared with many other suppliers, our carousel rides for sale have higher configuratio. If operators can use it correctly and maintain regularly, it can last longer than carousel ride from other suppliers. Generally speaking, the service life of Beston carousels can reach eight to ten years. This can save a lot of  costs for investors. With the money, they can invest in other park rides or project, and earn more profits for them.
  • Unique Design: Beston pays great attention to very details of the carousel design and the animals on carousels are vivid and lifelike. Our design team is professional and can customize the kiddie carousel ride according to customers’ requirements. Besides, we can customize the theme, color, logo for you.
  • Additional Services: Beston can provide more values for our customers. As a full service from one source, Beston service includes pre-sale service, on-sale service and after-sales service. Our whole team can bring an excellent experience to customers from design, manufacture, and delivery to installation, maintenance and project solution. We hope the win-win cooperations with our customers.

Beston promises to manufacture higher quality carousel rides at lower prices. You will not regret to buy carousel rides or other park rides from Beston factory. Please do not hesitate to contact Beston Amusement for a carousel ride with competitive price.

Return on Investment Analysis of Carousel Rides

Note: The Return on Investment (ROI) analysis is based on a 16 Seats Carousel Ride and the information is provided by our regular customers. As the data will vary with the actual situations. Therefore, if you want to get more accurate data, please tell us your project details or leave your contact information here, we can help you calculate the results or send you the Calculation table, you can calculate it yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt.

Carousel Rides Operating Budget Analysis
Product16 Seats Carousel RideEquipment Investment (RMB)150000Operation Age8
Basic ParametersRated Capacity
Rated Power
Covering Space
Single Operation Time (Times / Hour)Average Daily Capacity
(Person-time / Day)
Effective Running Time
(Hours / Day)
General Situation of OperationTicket Price
Effective Yearly Running Time (Day)Site Rent
Electricity Fees
Staff Number
Average Wage
Total Monthly Revenue(RMB)Total Annual Revenue
Electricity Bills
Personnel Salary
Maintenance Costs
Other Expenses
Revenue AnalysisAverage Monthly Net Revenue21554.166666667Average Annual Net Revenue258650Estimated Time of Return on Investment (Month)4.1840490797546
Net Revenue of First Year

Tip: The table is theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies according to the site location, facilities and operating costs.

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Customer Reviews of Beston Carousel Amusement Rides

Many customers in different countries and areas have bought various models of Beston carousel amusement for sale in China. Check out here and see what they are saying:

Abdullateef Yusuf - Nigeria

Thanks for your help and the carousel ride has been installed in our park for a long time. And it works well all the time and is welcomed in our park. I hope we can cooperate with each other again.

Uzzi halim - Indonesia

Your grand carousel in our shopping mall is really cool! I love it and it is popular here as soon as we begin to operation. I will recommend to my friends who are interested to invest in amusement industry. Thanks a lot!

Cezar Alamis - Philippines

Our indoor fun center has been in operation for a month and everything goes well. Especially the crown carousel attracts many children’s eyes and is welcomed by them. Thanks for your team!

Muhammad - Saudi Arabic

It is rare now to find a company that really care about their customer; however, Beston Amusement takes great care and I would like to pass on the reliable brand to all my friends here!

Contact Beston – Professional Carousel Ride Manufacturer

No matter when you are looking for to buy a carousel ride or other amusement rides, or you are planning to build a park, you can contact Beston and we will be always here to help you! You can not only gain quality products with competitive price, but also can enjoy the attentive and satisfactory service and also professional project solution. We are keeping innovating and hope to bring a more attractive amusement ride to you all.

  • Professional Manufacturing Ability: All carousel rides and other park rides are directly produced in our own factory. And Beston is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of various amusement equipment. And we never stop to innovate and various rides has been created in the factory.
  • Various Park Rides to Choose from: Except for the quality carousel ride, Beston can produce and offer many other thrill rides and kiddie rides for amusement and theme parks, such as Ferris wheel, trackless train, roller coaster, pendulum ride, pirate ship ride, and so on. Investors can choose what they are looking for here!
  • Rich Export Experience: Beston has rich experience in selling our amusement rides to countries and areas around the world. Until now, Beston park rides has exported to more than 100 countries, such as Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Kenya, Saudi Arabic, Turkey, etc. We have received 80% positive feedback.
  • Comprehensive Production Workshops: Beston has eight workshops to ensure the product quality, such as Cutting Workshop, Welding Workshop, Machining Workshop, Fiberglass Workshop, Painting Workshop, Strict Quality Control and so on. Every production process is strictly controlled in our factory.
  • Complete Certificates: As a professional manufacturer in China, it is necessary to own complete certificates. In Beston, we can offer various certificates for our customers, such as ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV, China CE and China Special Equipment Installation License, etc..
  • Whole Project Solutions: In order to promote our customers’ park project to succeed and gain profits, Beston offers whole park solutions for investors, including the park design, fun center design, product customization, and lighting projects. Beston has offered more than 300 park solutions for our customers.

Professional and Considerate Services in Beston

Beston services are widely recognized among our customers. After purchasing from our company and experiencing our professional and considerate services, they always send us positive feedbacks (messages, letters, photos, videos and so on). Most of them are willing to recommend Beston to their friends. Because of their trust, Beston has developed a long-term business cooperation with our customers around the world. So, What services that Beston has supplied to our customers?

  • Product Customization Service: We have a professional design team that can design different types of park rides, such as product appearance, festival and country themes, colors, etc.. For example, we can customize the carousel’s size, themes, color, upper eaves, armrests, and material of pedals, and so on.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Park Design Service: In addition to manufacturing amusement equipment, we also provide park design service. We can supply different types of park designs according to our customers’ demands. If you need it, we will design and offer a proper and unique design based on the size and location of your land.
  • Instant and Safe Delivery Service: We have meticulously selected many International Freight Forwarders and build a long-term relationship with them. We can choose the optimal solution to guarantee your products can be transported to you in time and without any damage. There is no need to worry about the transportation for them.
  • Professional Installation Service: As for installation, we will send detailed installation instruction, video, manual, or online guidance to help you install the products. Moreover, in some countries, we also have overseas branches to carry out on-site installation. If necessary, we can dispatch professional engineers to help the installation.
  • Factory Visit & Inspection Services: For customers who need an investigation before purchasing, we will set a proper route and arrange professionals to accompany you. If it’s inconvenient, we can arrange online video to view our factory. Please contact us whenever you have a need to visit our factory.
  • One-Year Warranty Service: We offer one year free warranty for your purchase. In order to ensure the smooth operation, we promise the sparing parts and accessories can be provided free of charge during warranty period. And we will try our best to provide you with pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale satisfactory services.

FAQ – Beston Carousel Ride

Q: What is a carousel ride?

Carousel ride is a kind of amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders and the seats are horses or cartoon animals mounted on the platform. Riders on the seats can move up and down as it moves, just like riding on a horse. It also can be called carrousel in French, carosello in Italian, galloper, merry go round, jumper, roundabout, horseabout and “flying horses”.

Q: Does a carousel only have horses?

No, the seats of carousels can be in different shapes, and most of them are animals, such as tigers, lions, giraffes, camels, cats, dogs, pigs, ocean animals, etc. Some are chairs or cups.

Q: What is the difference between a merry-go-round and a carousel?

A Carousel is a ride that features a motor and horses and can go and down, and a merry-go-round is a ride that features no motor, and no horses, which can spin the riders off if pushed too fast. And the carousel ride is designed according to the merry go round.

Q: How much does a carousel ride cost?

The cost of a carousel varies according to the materials, capacities, the configuration, the decorations, transmission mode, and so on. You should choose according to your budget and your landing. Just like professional carousel ride manufacturer – Beston Amusement, we provide different types of Beston carousel for sale with high quality, long service life and competitive price. You can feel free to select the suitable carousel ride here!

Q: How to install a carousel ride?

After receiving the carousel ride, you should install it according to the instructions. And you can also check the installation video for reference. Besides, if it is convenient, we can dispatch our engineer to guide the installation.

Q: What’s the difference between upper-transmission and bottom-transmission for carousel rides?

Upper-transmission carousel: The carousel is driven by a motor and the motor is in the upper layer which is the roof of rotating horse. And this part is always relatively wide and beautifully decorated. More importantly, the grand carousel rides have many advantages: there are many types, it is not easy to damaged and the service life can last 8-10 years. However, as it requires high technology, complex structure, higher requirements of steel quality, the price is much higher than most carousels.

Bottom-transmission carousel: as the transmission part is opposite to the upper-driven carousel ride. Though, there is little difference, it is quite different in the process requirements. Moreover, it is easy to disassemble each part of bottom-driven carousel ride, which can be learned by the ordinary. Therefore, the price is relatively low. For example, the simple carousel is suitable for carnivals or fairgrounds.

In addition, in recent years, a new type of carousel ride – imitation upper-transmission appears in the market, which combines the upper-transmission and bottom-transmission. The carousel is not limited by the site and can be place anywhere, such as park, fairground, playground, square, zoo, indoor fun center, etc. It has the characteristics of beauty, ease of use and reduced costs and is a relatively mature set of children’s amusement rides in the market.

Q: How Often Should the Carousel Ride Be Maintained?

Operators should maintain and inspect the carousel ride regularly and the whole machine should be maintained half a year.

Q: How to Maintain the Amusement Carousel?

The main transmission part should be regularly cleaned, change oil and replace vulnerable parts. Key parts need to check whether the wear is serious, whether there are cracks, open welding and other problems.

Q: How to Reduce the Mechanical Wear of the Fair Carousel?

For the parts that are relatively susceptible to wear in the carousel, the operators should pay attention to timely lubrication and so on. It can not only help the equipment run more smoothly, but also prolong its service time, which will save replacement and maintenance costs accordingly.

Q: How to Reduce the Mechanical Wear of the Fair Carousel?

For the parts that are relatively susceptible to wear in the carousel, the operators should pay attention to timely lubrication and so on. It can not only help the equipment run more smoothly, but also prolong its service time, which will save replacement and maintenance costs accordingly.

Q: How Is Your Merry Go Round Fair Ride Packaged?

The carousel rides will be shipped in bubble wrap and fumigation-free wooden cases. And the FRP will be packed separately to avoid breakage.

Other Amusement Rides You Can Invest in

If condition permission, you can invest in more amusement rides to bring in more profits. There are many amusement equipment to choose from except for the carousel ride. Please check here and contact us to get related information for you to make a decision!

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