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Carousel for sale in Saudi Arabia

Beston carousel for sale in Saudi Arabia is a popular and attractive amusement rides for kids that can be used in amusement business to attractive tourists as well as entertain passengers in the parks. As we know, with a surge in non-religious tourism to Saudi Arabia, there are more and more investors choosing to invest in amusement and theme parks, and indoor fun centers. In order to support our customers in Saudi Arabia, Beston amusement provide various carousel rides in different themes and capacities. Planning to buy carousel for sale in Beston? Contact us to get the latest prices right now!

double decker carousel for sale
Double-decker Grand Carousel Rides in Saudi Arabia

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Why Are Carousel Rides Promising in Saudi Arabia?

The carousel ride investment in amusement industry has a broad market in Saudi Arabia. According to some research and report analysis, the Saudi government strongly supports investors’ investment in amusement projects and the entertainment industry of Saudi Arabia is growing massively. In this way, when investors are planning to start a new business, they can choose to invest in amusement rides industry, such as carousel rides.

Government Support

Saudi Arabia has been putting its best effort to build a unique and world-class entertainment hub, which have accommodation facilities and merchandise in amusement parks that are gaining popularity among visitors of all age groups. With government support, it will be easier to start a new park project for investors in Saudi Arabia and they can save money and labor!

Market Recovery

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many parks were closed from time to time in the last two years. Amusement industry have suffered lockdowns, and restriction in Saudi Arabia. The entertainment sector has faced immense revenue decline due to the pandemic. What’s more, according to study Saudi Arabia Amusement Market will start reviving from 2022.

Obtain Great Benefits

Saudi Arabia economic continues to be well-positioned to benefit from the growth of entertainment market in Saudi Arabia includes theme park, amusement Park. According to a research study, the Kingdom’s Entertainment and Amusement Industry will grow at a staggering CAGR of 47.65% during 2020-2030.

Wide Application

As we know, carousel rides have a wide application, and it is popular for all age groups and can be widely seen in outdoor parks or indoor fun centers, such as amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, outdoor playgrounds, scenic spot, shopping malls, etc. Investors who get the land and permission can purchase carousel rides from Beston in Saudi Arabia.

Profitable Investment

As a classic park ride, carousel rides with attractive appearance and unique design are a must-play item for most tourists in the parks, especially families and young couples. The way it works makes it more appealing to adults and children. Additionally, the average operation time is 3 to 5 minutes, which can ensure more passengers and the high profits.

Reliable Operation

Carousel rides with a long history and unique design can rotate at an even pace and passengers riding on the horses can rise and fall safely. Both parents and investors can feel assured when their children and customers have fun on the rides. Besides, Beston adopts the quality materials, exquisite workmanship and advanced technology during production.

Various Beston Carousel Rides for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

Beston supplies different types of carousel rides for investors in Saudi Arabia to support them to attract more tourists for the indoor and outdoor parks. As a wise investors, they should choose the most suitable amusement rides for their parks according to their demands, which can be twice the result with half the effort. What they should do is to take all factors into consideration, or choose a professional manufacturer or supplier with rich experiences, such as Beston company. Contact Beston Amusement here to get the best solution for your park business!

Beston will make a profound investigation on your park project and nearby competitors to support our customers’ projects. Then we will help our customers choose the suitable carousel rides according to the land situation, budget range, local passengers’ preference, local customs and culture, and so on. Here are some main types of carousel rides which is available and will be popular in Saudi Arabia!

small carousel for sale
Grand Carousel Rides for Sale in Saudi Arabia

grand carousel for sale
Royal Theme Fiberglass Carousels for Sale in Saudi Arabia

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24/36 Seats Classic Outdoor Carousel Rides for Sale in Saudi Arabia

double-decker carousel rides for sale
Popular Double-decker Carousels in Saudi Arabia

Christmas carousel amusement ride
Christmas Theme Carousel Rides in Beston

ocean theme carousel to buy
Beston Ocean Carousel Rides for Sale in Saudi Arabia

Which types of carousel rides do you plan to buy?
By capacity 16, 20, 24, 26, 30, 46, 68 seats carouse rides
By layer Single story Carousels, Double-decker carousel rides
By positions of transmission mechanism Upper-transmission carousels, Imitation upper-transmission carousels, Bottom-transmission carousels
By Theme Ocean, Christmas, Princess, Royal, Europe, Forest, Animal, Customized Theme
By Fixed/Portable Fixed carousel rides and Portable carousel rides
By occasion Amusement park, carnival, fairground, outdoor, indoor, etc.

Related Cases – Beston Carousels Popular in Different Markets

Beston carousel rides sell well and are quite welcomed among our customers. In the past few years, Beston carousels have been delivered and installed in different countries and areas. According to their feedback, almost all customers felt satisfied with our quality products and services Beston provides for our customers. If you are interested in the carousel rides or planning to set up a park project, do not hesitate to contact us here for more details!

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Grand Carousel Ride for Sale

Are you planning to start a new park project?

Main Factors That Affect The Carousel Ride Price in Saudi Arabia

When an investors choose to buy some products, most of them consider much more about the product quality and prices. And when buying a carousel rides for a park project in Saudi Arabia, there are many factors which can affect the carousel rides prices. The followings are six main factors you can take into consideration:


The size of the carousel ride is the most obvious factor that determines the price of a carousel ride. And the bigger the ride capacity the more expensive it will be. Customer can choose the carousel ride according to the amount of available space and the budget.


Customers expect carousel rides from large and well-established manufacturers – Beston Amusement, which is a reputable manufacturer. What’s more, we create the superior quality carousel rides, more options and guarantees.

Drive Mode

As for the upper-transmission carousel ride, it requires high technology, complex structure, and higher requirements of steel quality, which is more expensive than bottom-transmission carousels. Besides, the upper-drive carousels cost more to maintain, but it lasts longer.

Level of Decoration

Beston grand carousels are equipped with fiberglass materials, music equipment, LED lights, etc., which is more expensive and can attract the most attention. Besides, there are three types of carousel rides depending on the level of decoration: simple, semi-grand, and grand carousel rides.


It takes a lot of time and skill to create a detailed and comfortable seat form or a certain theme (Halloween, Disney, underwater, etc.) The amount of time, skill, and resources that went into creating the product will heavily influence the price.

Excellent Service

Service and support can also affect the price of a product. When a customer purchases a product, they always buy additional value and services, such as product quality, quality service, warranty, professional guidance on installation and operation, and so on. From Beston company, you can buy a carousel rides which are definitely value for money.

Investment Advice to Buy Carousel Rides in Saudi Arabia

Advice for Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

Kiddie carousels are specially created for children, which will cover a small area and easy to transport for investors. besides, they are quite suitable for shopping malls, plazas and parks, and so on. Moreover, if you don’t want to invest too much money, a kiddie carousel ride is the proper choice for you to start your business. Different models are available in Beston!

Advice for Grand Carousel Rides for Sale

Beston also supply grand carousels with 16, 24, and 30 seats, which are extremely common seen in amusement and theme parks, shopping malls, scenic spots, etc. Though it has beautiful appearance and operating principle, the investment is less, and the return rate is high. If your venue is fixed, have no sufficient funds but still want to get high profits, the luxury carousel rides will be a good choice for you.

Advice for Double-decker Carousel Rides for Sale

Beston also supply grand carousels with 16, 24, and 30 seats, which are extremely common seen in amusement and theme parks, shopping malls, scenic spots, etc. Though it has beautiful appearance and operating principle, the investment is less, and the return rate is high. If your venue is fixed, have no sufficient funds but still want to get high profits, the luxury carousel rides will be a good choice for you.

Advice for Upper and Bottom Tranmission Carousel rides

Compared with bottom-drive fair carousel, top drive carousels have higher requirements for technology and can last longer. Although it is more expensive, its maintenance cost is lower. Moreover, during operation, it makes less noise, which produce a better experience. On the contrary, a bottom-drive carousel ride is relatively cheaper and is easier to disassemble, transport and install.

Contact Beston to Start Park Projects in Saudi Arabia

Do you plan to invest in a park project? Please feel free to contact Beston to get a profitable park solutions! Except for carousel rides, we can manufacture and customize various amusement rides for the indoor and outdoor park projects. In addition, we can help our customers in park planning, delivery and installation guidance, project operation and so on. Therefore, please trust Beston and we are always here to help our customers worldwide build a fun and magic world!

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