Beston is Waiting for You in RAAPA EXPO -2023

Good news for all investors who are interested in amusement industry and planning to buy some amusement rides or start a new park project! The RAAPA EXPO – 2023 will be held in March, and it is the largest exhibition of amusement rides in Russia, CIE and Eastern Europe. Most importantly, Beston Amusement, your reliable cooperation partners, will be waiting for you there on time! If you have any demands or want to learn more about amusement rides and park project, please feel free to come to our booth (C2/1) and consult the professional project manager on 15 March – 17 March 2023.
Beston is Waiting for You in RAAPA EXPO -2023

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Arrangement for Beston in RAAPA EXPO – 2023

Why Beston Will Attend the RAAPA EXPO – 2023?

As an expert in proving project solution or manufacturing amusement rides, Beston will participate in the RAAPA EXPO in Russia. Here, investors, traders, management and operation can gather at the exhibition to talk about the different project solutions and learn about the amusement rides they are interested in! What’s more, Beston will provide the most profitable project solutions for our new and regular to support their park business and create a happy and magic world!

  • As the most influential amusement rides exhibition in Russia and even in Eastern Europe, RAAPA (Russia Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Expo has been held every two years since 1999. Now the RAAPA EXPO – 2023 is the 25th anniversary exhibition.
  • In the past, it has attracted a large group of investors, traders, management and operation to come and visit the exhibition, such as theme parks, amusement parks, carnivals, family entertainment centers, entertainment venues, resorts and other park projects.
  • Up to now, the exhibition has been unanimously affirmed and praised by the industry and brought business opportunities and benefits for both investors or manufacturer in amusement industry.
  • Exactly, Beston Amusement is mainly engaged in the project solutions, equipment production, installation, park investment, project operation service, and so on. We attach great importance to our customers’ demands and customized the park solution according to their requirements.
  • Beston can manufacture and supply various popular and attractive amusement park rides for sale, such as thrill rides, kiddie rides, theme park rides, fairground rides, indoor soft playground, etc., which can be applied in different projects and bring much more profits for investors.
  • In order to support our customers around the world, we promise the most efficient and timely service and support for our customers. And we will respond to our customer and settle customers’ remaining issues and complaints as soon as possible! We never stop to enhance our customers’ satisfaction.

Different project solution Beston can provide for our customers

Park Design:
Theme Park Design
Amusement Park Design
Scenic Spot Park Design
Plaza Playground Design
Park Design for Business District
Hotel Supporting Design
Farm Playground Design

Fun Center Design:
Comprehensive Indoor Playground
Indoor Mechanical Funfair
Indoor Playground Equipment
Trampoline Park Equipment
Indoor Development Training
Virtual Reality Center
Indoor Role-playing

Product Customization:
Christmas Theme Customization
Snow Theme Customization
Country Theme Customization
Festival Theme Customization
Product Logo/Color Customization
Product Appearance Customization

Lighting Project:
Park Lighting
Festival Activity Lighting
Building Nightscape Lighting
Square Nightscape Lighting
Equipment Lighting
Road Landscape Lighting

Planning to obtain a suitable project solution from Beston?

Contact Beston to Obtain Project Solution

Planning to invest in amusement industry? You can visit our website and get to know about the park solution and different amusement rides, which may surprise you! In addition, you select the project solution or amusement rides you may prefer to in advance. And Beston will also sincerely invite you to attend the RAAPA Expo – 2023 in Russia and meet our project manager there! Beston will be waiting for you there to cooperate with you and help you create more value!

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