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Beston Festival Promotion Plan – Customized Amusement Rides For Sale

In order to welcome the arrival of Halloween and Christmas, we design the appearance of the amusement equipments for sale to make it more attractive with festival paintings. We also have a huge promotion for customized amusement rides for sale. If you’re interested in purchasing festival amusement rides, please contact us for free consultation!

buy fairground carousel rides in Beston Rides
Christmas merry go round carousel rides for sale

Customization Theme Rides For Sale

Designing the appearance of amusement equipment with Christmas paintings on various park rides can indeed create a festive and engaging atmosphere for your visitors. Such as Christmas theme trackless train rides, Christmas carousel rides, pumpkin spinning tea cup rides, and swing chair rides for sale. Our meticulously designed festival amusement park attractions are adorned with captivating festival paintings, creating an atmosphere that’s bound to delight visitors of all ages. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we introduce our remarkable promotion on a selection of premium customized amusement rides for sale.

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How to choose pumpkin spinning tea cup rides for sale in Beston

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how to customize flying chairs ride for sale in Beston Rides

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how to find affordable trackless train rides for sale
how to find affordable trackless train rides for sale

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How to purchase soft play equipment for sale
purchase soft play equipment for sale

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Amusement Rides Promotion Plan

  • Free color/theme customization

    Beston Rides provides amusement rides for sale with Christmas theme painting and theme customization for free! Amusement equipment which full of festive atmosphere can create a festive atmosphere and attract more tourists. Contact Beston Rides for more details!

  • Special 18 months warranties

    Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why we’re thrilled to extend our warranty to an incredible 18 months. You don’t have to worry about the after-sales service of the carnival rides. Beston will provide you the best services for customized amusement rides for sale!

  • Limited coupons

    During the event, we will give out limited coupons for our customers. For different amusement rides promotion, we provide limited discount coupons of $500/$1000/$2000! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your park of festive fun. Contact us now to get limited discount coupons!

  • Prioritized production

    When you choose our Christmas promotions, you’re not just getting incredible offers—you’re also securing a spot at the front of the line. Our prioritized production ensures that your chosen amusement rides for sale are prepared with care and precision, allowing you to enjoy the magic of the holiday season without delay.

  • Free bouncy boat or bouncy horse

    As a token of our appreciation, we’re thrilled to present you with a complimentary bouncy boat or bouncy horse. Delight in the laughter and joy of the little ones as they bounce and play on these charming inflatable attractions. It’s our way of adding an extra sprinkle of magic to your Christmas adventure.

  • Standard Tool Box

    Beston will also provide free standard tool box for our customers. If you want to do the installation with our guidance. The standard tool box will benefit you a lot. We could also send installation workers to help with the installation.

Why Choose to Purchase Equipment During the Event

1. Mass Production: Ensures timely delivery due to optimized production processes of customized amusement rides for sale.
2. Cost-Effective Shipping: The third quarter offers the best shipping rates of the year.
3. Minimal Force Majeure: Reduced likelihood of unexpected events, ensuring on-time delivery and product availability.
4. Early Benefit: Enables trial operations and early returns on investment.
5. Big Discounts: Enjoy significant discounts with coupons of $500, $1000, or $2000.
6. Special Gifts: Receive valuable special gifts like a standard tool box, bouncy boat, or bouncy horse.

buy chirstmas trackless train rides for sale
Chirstmas trackless train rides for sale

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Freight Forecast Trend Analysis

This is our estimated shipping cost in 2023, it is relatively cheap to place an order now. By estimating the freight, we can help us choose a cheaper plan for our customers to buy fairground amusement rides for sale in Beston and make full use of the amusement rides promotion. If you have any idea of buying amusement park equipments, please contact us as soon as possibility!

How to invest in amusement park rides for sale
Freight Estimation Chart

Time Analysis

We meticulously plan and manage timelines, minimizing potential force majeure disruptions when ordering to guarantee timely product delivery and launch of the customized amusement rides for sale. The control of time of Beston Rides can help us make the customer’s amusement park operate before the scheduled time, adding to the festive atmosphere. Take the order now to boom your business at Festival!

How to choose a proper time to purchase amusement park rides
Christmas Time Schedule

ROI Analysis

Let’s conduct a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis using a trackless train ride for sale as an example. ROI analysis helps determine the profitability and financial viability of an investment by comparing the net profit generated with the initial investment costs. During Halloween and Christmas, there will be more traffic to visit the amusement parks.

How to choose customized theme park rides to boom your park
Trackless Train Rides ROI

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Customer Feedbacks

Beston’s amusement equipment is very popular and has received unanimous praise from customers. We are committed to providing customers with the most competitive solutions and the most cost-effective products, with the customer’s profit as the first goal. For this reason, we have cooperated with many customers to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship. Contact Beston now to get customized amusement rides prices!

Beston Rides – Customized Park Solution Provider

Beston Rides is a facmous amusement rides equipment manufacturer and offers customized amusement park rides for sale. Moreover, BESTON also provides tailored park solutions and indoor playground design. Beston Rides specializes in creating tailored experiences for amusement parks and indoor play areas. If you’re interested in amusement park rides, indoor playground design, or tailored park solutions, come and consult Beston Rides immediately!

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