Beston Engineer Is Visiting Qatar and Saudi Arabia to INSTALL the Indoor Soft Playground

Good news for our customer! Our Engineer Ren is on his journey to help our customers to install their indoor soft playgrounds in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Beston can supply one-stop installation service from our customers online or on-site installation. It will spend about 40 days: 10 days in Qatar and 30 days in Saudi Arabia. The main purpose of the journey it to install the indoor soft play equipment: 287M² Morandi Theme Indoor SOFT Playground and 276M² Space Theme Indoor Playground in Qatar, and the 1200M² Indoor Soft Play Equipment in Saudi Arabia. But if you have any demands, please contact us in time and our engineers will support you instantly!

The On-site Installation Journey of Beston Engineers

Schedule Location Project Time
The First Stop Doha International Airport in Qatar 287M² Morandi Theme Indoor Playground and 276M² Space Theme Indoor Playground About 10 Days
The Second Stop Saudi Arabia 1200M²  Indoor Playground About 30 Days

Please feel free to contact us for the accurate schedule of our engineer when you are needing any technical support! Beston will make every effort to help you!

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