Congratulations on the Completion of Three Sets of Amusement Rides For Sale in Algeria

Congratulations on the successful completion of the Algeria project delivery! This project of amusement rides for sale in Algeria included bumper cars, samba balloon rides and pirate ship rides produced by Beston Rides and involved a comprehensive process, from initial customer inquiries to equipment manufacturing, testing, and installation. With effective communication, the project was executed successfully. The amusement park in Algeria is now equipped with top-quality amusement rides, ready to provide entertainment and joy to visitors. Beston Rides continues to be a trusted supplier of premium amusement equipment, ensuring customer satisfaction and successful project outcomes.

Overview and Time Schedule

The customer’s need is to know the price of amusement equipment for sale in Beston Rides, especially train rides and bumper cars. We communicated over the phone to understand his needs in detail, and recommended suitable equipment to him based on the site information and budget he provided. We also developed an overall design plan for his hobby equipment, “Skynet Bumper Car”, and showed him successful cases of similar projects, which won the customer’s recognition. Throughout the communication process, we strive to ensure that the customer’s needs are met and continuously provide information and support to help him finally choose the most suitable equipment and determine the payment method. The amusement equipments for sale including bumper cars, samba balloon rides and pirate ship rides.

bumper car amusement equipment for sale
Fairground Bumper Cars Design Plan

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Here is a more detailed timeline of the project of amusement rides for sale in Algeria. This detailed timeline outlines the different phases of the project, from the initial customer inquiry to equipment manufacturing, transportation, installation, and the eventual start of park operations.

Date Event
21-Oct-22 Received customer inquiries: Customer expressed the need for several pieces of equipment such as trains and bumper cars. We conducted preliminary phone calls to understand needs and analyze the site.
Late October-November 2022 We recommend suitable amusement equipment based on customer needs and provide detailed information about the equipment.
Nov-22 Discussion and confirmation of the final equipment selection, as well as payment methods. During negotiations, it was agreed to proceed with payment via a letter of credit, and a sales contract (PI) that met the customer’s requirements was prepared.
November-December 2022 The customer submitted a letter of credit application to their bank, initiating the letter of credit process. Continuous communication with the customer ensured that everything progressed smoothly.
End of December 2022 Received the original letter of credit from the customer and reconfirmed technical parameters, colors, and other details. Production preparations commenced.
Mar-23 Completion of production for all amusement rides for sale in Algeria. Sent photos and videos of the completed production and testing to the customer. Scheduled SGS testing as per the requirements of the letter of credit. All equipment passed the tests, and testing reports were issued.
Apr-23 Shipment completed, with all equipment safely transported to the park in Algeria.
Jun-23 Installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure proper functioning within the park.
Jul-23 Official commencement of park operations, allowing visitors to enjoy the various amusement rides.

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Customer’s Needs and Communication

  1. Detailed Needs Analysis: Beston Rides conducted in-depth discussions. We could understand the customer’s specific requirements, including the type of equipment, site constraints, and budget considerations.
  2. Tailored Recommendations: With a diverse range of equipment on offer, Beston Rides recommended solutions that aligned perfectly with the customer’s vision and constraints.
  3. Design Expertise: Beston Rides has an experienced design team.  We created a captivating design plan for the Skynet bumper cars, capturing the customer’s imagination and gaining their approval.
  4. Transparent Communication: From payment negotiations to the preparation of the Proforma Invoice and the letter of credit process, open and transparent communication ensured a smooth transaction.
  5. Quality Assurance: Beston Rides adhered to rigorous quality standards and provided evidence of equipment quality through images, videos, and SGS testing, assuring the customer of the project’s reliability.

Customer buy amusement rides from Beston Rides
Customer Payment

SGS Testing of amusement park equipments for sale
Amusement Rides For Sale to Algeria SGS Testing

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Production and Installation Of Amusement Rides For Sale in Algeria

After finalizing the equipment selection and reaching a payment agreement, we began the production of the equipment. We produce in strict accordance with the customer’s requirements, especially technical parameters and details such as color and voltage.

March 2023, we complete the production of all equipment, send pictures and videos of production completion. And then, we test the machine to customers, make an appointment for SGS testing according to the requirements of the letter of credit, and issue a test report after all tests pass. After that, we transported the amusement equipments to the customer’s designated location and assisted the customer in installation and debugging. This ensures that the equipment will start operating as scheduled in July 2023.

Amusement park rides for sale to Algeria
Pirate Ship Production

Amusement rides for sale in Algeria
Rides Production And Test

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Viking Boat Amusement Rides For Sale Package
Viking Boat Amusement Rides For Sale Package

Amusement Rides Package to Algeria
Amusement Rides Package to Algeria

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Customer Feedback

On July 2023 The amusement park has begun official operations and attracted many tourists. Customers have shown great satisfaction with our services and equipment. Moreover, the customers give us many feedback videos of three sets of amusement rides for sale in Algeria. They were satisfied not only with the quality and performance of the equipment, but also with our support and assistance during the project. Customers are also very satisfied with the design and successful cases of “Sky net Bumper Car”.

Where to buy profitable Amusement Rides For Sale in Algeria
Amusement Rides For Sale in Algeria Installation And Test

Beston Rides – Top Amusement Rides Supplier

Beston Rides is a renowned and trusted manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides and attractions. With a commitment to quality, safety, and innovation, Beston Rides has established itself as a leader in the amusement industry.  If you also have needs to buy amusement rides for sale in Algeria, whether it is equipment purchase or project cooperation, Beston Rides is willing to provide you with professional help and support. We look forward to working with you to create successful rides and park cases.

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