Beston 36 Seats Shaking-head Swing Ride Woks Well in the Peak Park in Kazakhstan

A 36 seats shaking head chair swing ride works well in a peak park (The park is called Кок тобе) in Kazakhstan in Alma-Ata, the capital of Kazakhstan. After it runs well for a period of time, our customer sent us this video and photo and showed their gratitude to us in March 30th, 2022. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit! Please contact us here for more details!

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Beston 36 Seats Shaking-head Chair Swing Ride in Kazakhstan

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Overview of The Project:

The chair swing ride is installed in the square of the park entrance, and the location is conspicuous. So it plays an important role in attracting the passenger flow for the Кок тобе (a peak park in Kazakhstan). Now the chair swing ride is in the operation and functions well in the park entrance. Please check the video to get to know how it is popular in the peak park.

The swing ride or flying chair ride can accommodate 36 visitors and is very thrilling when it is flying in the air, which can just meet our customers’ demands. Besides, this swing ride has very bright color and also is equipped with splendid lights. And our customer also purchased the fence which is made of luxury stainless steel, which can protect the equipment and the passengers.

Purchase Process of Beston Chair Swing Ride:

  • Find Beston Online: When he has demands for chair swing ride or some other amusement rides, he searched the keyword about his demands online and find many websites. He chose Beston from so many companies and thanks for his trust. After communicating for a short time, our sales manager found that it is a coincidence that there are communications three years ago. And we went to the park for business visit three times.
  • Customers’ Demands: besides the quality, the customers’ requirement is an amusement ride with a large capacity.
  • Process of selecting Products: He had no idea what to buy , so he selected the amusement rides for a long time and can not confirm the model and make a decision. Until our sales manager sent him the video of this chair swing ride with shaking-head, he adored it very much and finally selected this one.
  • The Final Purchase Plan: the shaking-head chair swing ride with36 seats
  • Customer Reviews: The customer in Kazakhstan is satisfied with Beston in many aspects, such as the product quality, the operation, the popularity, our service and so on. And has recommended Beston to every friend who may have demands. And he has place several orders and we have arranged the delivery for some new orders. What he can do now is to wait for the satisfactory goods and make his park more popular.

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Beston company, as a professional manufacturer, offers a systematic service process and it begins when you are searching online and find our site. The whole process of purchase can make you experience what is professional and how our service can be considerate. We supply the pre-sales service, on sales service and after-sales service, which can guarantee you can feel satisfied with our products and services.

From Our vision: To become a leader in amusement industry and an enterprise trusted by society through innovations and services, you can know what Beston’s goal. Beston hopes to work with every who trust us and will bring more values than you think. Please feel free to leave message here and we will reply you as soon as possible!
Beston Service – One-stop Service

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