Beston 3 Loops Amusement Park Roller Coaster for Sale in Iraq

Congratulations on the successful installation of Beston Middle 3 Loops Roller Coaster Ride in Iraq!

Beston middle 3 loops roller coaster, a best-selling thrill rides with track, has been installed in Iraq successfully! All staff in Beston send our sincere congratulation to the park in Iraq. This types of roller coaster rides are one of the popular large size amusement equipment in Beston.

Beston quality carnival rollercoasters for sale
Beston Middle 3 Loops Roller Coasters in Iraq

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The common model of amusement park roller coasters in Beston are the following seven types of roller coaster rides: the 3 loops roller coasters (middle 3 loops and large 3 loops), 4 rings roller coasters, 6 and 7 loops large roller coaster rides, 11 loops giant roller coaster rides and the suspended roller coaster.

middle 3-loop roller coaster rides for sale in Beston

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