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Roller coasters, as the classic amusement park equipment, are the most popular and commonly seen in the amusement parks, carnivals, funfairs, theme parks, indoor and outdoor playground, backyard, school, and so on. Backyard roller coaster is one of the very welcomed roller coasters with medium size and passengers on it have lower thrilling feelings, which is suitable for small children and their family to interact with each other in their backyard.

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Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

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Wacky worm coaster for sale

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The small roller coaster can turn the backyard into the amusement parks for their kids when it is not available to go to the parks. Kids can have fun with their parents and families whenever they want. What’s more, this kind of mini roller coasters also can be set in the parks and can help the investors attract a lot more visitors to their parks. Besides, it occupies a small areas in the parks and people of any age groups are fond of riding the attraction.

Beston Rides is one of the most professional and well-recognized backyard roller coaster manufacturer and supplier in China and supplies different types of backyard roller coasters with excellent quality and lower prices. Beston has exported our backyard roller coaster to many countries and areas.

Classifications of Beston Amusement Park Roller Coasters for Kids:

There are different types of small roller coaster for the backyard. And among those so many kinds of roller coasters, the wacky worm roller coaster, fruit worm roller coaster, slide dragon roller coaster and the mini shuttle roller coaster are some of the very popular models and is especially beloved by children and their families.

There also exists an evident difference between the Children’s backyard roller coasters: the track. Some small roller coasters are with the only single track, but some are with the double tracks. What’s more, the shape or appearance of cabins on track is usually different. The followings are the main details, pictures and parameter of the popular backyard roller coasters in Beston Rides:

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Wacky Worm Small Roller Coasters:

Beston Rides, as the top kids mini roller coaster supplier, professionally manufactures the wacky worm roller coaster for kids with many years’ of experience. And this kids roller coaster is fairly popular in the amusement parks, family entertainment center, squares, theme parks and other indoor and outdoor entertainment sites. And the wacky worm is a newly designed medium-size amusement park equipment with track, which is frequently used as indoor and outdoor amusement park rides.

As the sliding amusement rides, the main parts of wacky worm backyard roller coaster are the track and wacky-worm shaped trains. And there are two kinds of track: sing loop and double loops, just like the sliding dragon kids roller coaster. It is produced with the fiberglass reinforced plastic, which has the features of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, stable and beautiful. Contact us to buy thrill roller coaster for sale!

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This small roller coasters not only have the lovely, beautiful and unique design, but also make riders experience the thrilling and exciting feelings of giant roller coasters. The trains is driven by two driving systems in the front and rear. The whole train is running along the spiral track. Sometimes, the train spirals up to the top along the track; sometimes, it makes a sharp descent. It is very interesting and thrilling. Therefore, it is widely seen in the parks.

Type Wacky Worm Roller Coasters
Passenger 16 people
Area 12*24 M
Track length 120 M
Height 3.5 M(Customized)
Rotating Speed 25KM/H(adjustable by control cabinet)
Voltage 380 V
Power 6 KW
Music USB port on control cabinet
Color Production according to request
Cabinet with control switch, transducer, indicator light, music button, etc

Fruit Worm Mini Roller Coasters:

Just like the wacky worm roller coaster, the fruit worm roller coaster for kids is also the indoor and outdoor amusement rides. The fruit worm train is moving on the track with ups and downs, sometime through the apple. And the track is lower than the wacky worm roller coaster. And as the popular family rides, it can bring passengers thrilling and exciting experience. In this way, both kids and adults love this amusement mini roller coaster in parks.

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Mini Sliding Dragon Roller Coasters:

The sliding dragon roller coasters are a kind of small roller coasters, which is blended in with Chinese characteristics of auspicious culture factors. The slide dragon also has single ring track and double rings track. The dragon shaped train has 5 cabins and can accommodate 20 persons. And, of course, the train and track length can be customized according to the site and customers’ requirement. Welcome every customer to check on our website to consult for more details and get free quotation at any time! We can guarantee the fastest responses.

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Product Item Mini Roller Coaster/Dragon Coaster
Capacity 20seats,5cabins or customized
Voltage 380v
Track Height 3.3m
Track Length 120m or customized
Track Distance 450mm
Running Height 3.8m
Cover Area 28*18m
Speed 21km/h, adjustable
Material Steel structure & FRP
Spare Part Available
Remark OEM & customized is acceptable

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Mini Shuttle Kids Roller Coasters:

Mini shuttle roller coaster, as a classic amusement rides, is designed with interchange track. There are a series of electric cars running in a queue on this special grade-separated track designed with spiral ups and downs. It is always composed of several (generally 14-20 sets) electric cars and miscellaneous types and attractive appearance, it can convert its direction automatically along the track, which is appealing to both children and adults. What’s more, the modern logos, such as colorful LED lights, beautiful music and famous cartoons, make this mini shuttle small roller coaster more attractive and children’s favorite.

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Model Name Mini Shuttle
Color Customized
Power 9kw/7.8kw
Voltage 380v
Quantity of Car 15pcs/10pcs
Capacity 30kids/20kids
Cover Area 16*10m
LED LED Lamps, side edge
Track Length 70m, double deckers
Music USB flash disk; SD card; sound device
Paint Anti-rust paint; automobile paint

Other Types of Beston Mini Roller Coasters:

In addition to popular children’s roller coasters such as the Caterpillar roller coaster for sale, Dragon roller coaster, and Mouse Coaster, we also offer various types of backyard roller coaster for sale. For example, there are snail-themed Snail Agents, spin pulleys, small family roller coasters, etc. Beside, we also offer customizable options allows homeowners to tailor their backyard roller coaster to their specific preferences and space requirements. Whether you prefer a themed design, unique track layout, or personalized features, customizable options provide flexibility and creativity in designing the perfect roller coaster for their backyard. By offering customization, you can cater to a wider range of tastes and preferences among potential buyers.

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Family Roller Coaster For Sale Design in Beston

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Why Kids Love the Small Backyard Roller Coaster?

The backyard roller coasters are marked with a modern interchange track, with colorful lights, sound and children cartoon paintings. When you are riding on the backyard roller coasters, it will be a fantastic, exciting, and crazy experience. Compare with the normal and big roller coaster, the small backyard roller coaster has a lower equipment height, smaller vertical drop, and the slope. So, the cars or trains move at a lower speed than a general roller coaster.

However, the roller coasters for kids in the backyard are always in small size but attractive appearance to attract more kids to ride on, such as the cartoon characters, trains, cars, animals and so on. Riders sitting on the backyard roller coasters is moving along the track quickly and just like they are flying and traveling in the mysterious outer space, making their body and mind in the relaxed state. It is commonly seen in the big theme park, amusement park, playground and tourist attraction etc.

There are various types of mini roller coasters for kids to choose from in the parks for they to have fun. And Besides, kids and parents can interact with each other in the small roller coaster rides for kids in the park, which not only can exercise these children’s bodies and but also can improve the relationship between the kids and their parents, as well we make them more intimate.

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Beston Rides Backyard Roller Coaster – Your Ideal Selection:

Beston backyard roller coaster adopts the high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic & international standard steel and iron, which features superior quality, corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly, high stability and reliable. Backyard roller coaster manufactured in Beston makes use of their own centrifugal forces to move along the track, so it can rotate in different kinds of stances. The track is made of seamless steel tube with top quality to ensure the long service and safety.

And this rides adopts advanced pneumatic brake system and all the cars are controlled by distance-limit devices to avoid the collision. So, there is no need to worry about the quality and safety for customers to buy amusement park equipment from Beston Rides. Except for the pursuit of product quality and safety, Beston constantly strives to improve the shape and fun. Until now, technical staff and designers in Beston have developed and manufactured different types of backyard roller coaster with innovative and unique design, attractive and beautiful appearance for customers to choose from. If you are interested in the backyard roller coaster for sale from Beston amusement equipment, please contact me at once and we are always ready to help you select the most amusement rides for you!

Why customers buy backyard roller coaster in Beston:

  • High quality, competitive price, imitate animal shape, colorful, novel design, safe and reliable.
  • And the cabins adopt high quality FRP material (standard 5-6mm fiberglass reinforced plastics), environment protection, anti-corrosion, good stability and attractive appearance. It attracts kids’ attention!
  • Beston is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China and accepts customers’ customized design.
  • Smooth weld track without any welding slag & each weld must be tested by crack detection.
  • It is equipped with advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing functions.
  • Beston Rides adopts high quality car painting with electrostatic spray paint. The paint is baked with high temperature, and is non-fading.
  • Beston adopts advanced manufacturing technique and has powerful and professional technology R&D team.
  • Perfect packaging, fast and on-time delivery, excellent after-sales service.
  • It is suitable for amusement parks, plaza, and theme park, indoor and outdoor playground.
  • Our roller coaster sells well in Middle East, Africa, Russia, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a good reputation in the overseas.

Roller Coaster Amusement Park Design and Solution

Beston Rides roller coaster amusement park design and solutions combine safety, innovation, customization, and comprehensive services to deliver world-class attractions that captivate audiences and elevate the guest experience. Whether it’s a high-speed thrill ride or a family-friendly backyard roller coaster for sale, Beston Rides offers a diverse range of kiddie amusement rides options to suit every park’s needs and delight guests of all ages. At the same time, we could do amusement park rides design with roller coaster. Contact us for more about backyard roller coaster for sale!

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Caterpillar Roller Coaster In Beston Parks

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kiddie roller coaster for sale

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