Backyard Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia

Backyard roller coasters for sale are typically small roller coaster, amusement park rides designed for smaller space. They can be a thrilling addition to a shopping mall or small business, offering entertainment for families and visitors. To find a quality backyard roller coaster for sale in Indonesia, you can consider Beston Rides. Beston Rides is a well-known manufacturer of amusement park rides and offer various mini roller coaster for sale.

Customized mini roller coaster for sale In Indonesia
Popular New Star Train Rides – Beston Backyard Roller Coasters for Sale In Indonesia

Types of Popular Mini Roller Coaster For Sale

Mini roller coasters are a popular amusement park ride designed for smaller spaces and often catering to younger riders or families. There are several types of popular backyard roller coasters for sale, each with its unique features and design. Here are some common types:

Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster is a popular amusement park ride designed primarily for younger children and families. It is known for its whimsical and colorful appearance, often with a smiling face and bright, eye-catching features. Many Wacky Worm Roller Coasters come in a variety of themes, from traditional worm-like characters to more imaginative designs that appeal to kids, such as dragons, caterpillars, or other whimsical creatures.

indoor roller coaster for sale in Indonesia
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia

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Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

A Wild Mouse roller coaster, often referred to simply as a “Wild Mouse,” is a type of compact and thrilling amusement park ride known for its sharp turns, tight hairpin corners, and sudden changes in direction. The Wild Mouse coaster is designed to fit into small footprints, making it a popular choice for amusement parks and carnivals with limited space. The track is often twisted and tightly packed, creating an intense ride experience.

mini shuttle small roller coasters for sale In Indonesia
Wild Mouse Roller Coaster for Kids In Indonesia

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Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster

Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster Ride is indeed popular for young children, and it offers a safe yet enjoyable experience. The dragon-themed design and the circular track with small hills and drops make it an attractive addition to amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and fairs. These types of mini roller coasters for sale are often compact and feature colorful, kid-friendly themes, which can be especially appealing to young riders. They offer a gentle introduction to the excitement of roller coasters, making them an excellent choice for parents looking to provide their children with a taste of amusement park fun in a controlled environment.

mini shuttle small roller coaster ride for sale in Indonesia
Slide Dragon Small Roller Coaster for Sale in Indonesia

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Kiddie Roller Coasters

Kiddie roller coasters are much smaller and less intense than full-sized roller coasters. They are typically designed to accommodate children between the ages of 2 to 12. These backyard roller coaster for sale offer a great way for children to build confidence and enjoy the excitement of a theme park ride. They are a popular and important part of many amusement facilities, contributing to a well-rounded entertainment experience for all guests. When considering the purchase of a kiddie roller coaster, Beston is always your good choice! Contact us now!

mini shuttle small roller coaster price in Indonesia
Family Roller Coasters For Sale in Indonesia

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Family Roller Coasters

Family roller coasters for sale are a type of backyard roller coaster for sale for people of all ages and suitable for families to enjoy together. These small roller coasters are known for moderate speeds, gentle turns, and lower intensity than the more thrilling rides at amusement parks.  Many family roller coasters feature colorful and imaginative themes, which can add to the overall fun and appeal, especially for younger riders. Themes might include pirates, jungle adventures, or fairy tales.

Family Roller Coasters for sale in Indonesia
Small Snail Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia

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Customized Mini Roller Coaster

Customized mini roller coasters are tailor-made amusement park rides for sale, designed to meet specific requirements and themes. Buyers can collaborate with manufacturers to select features like size, track layout, colors, and thematic elements. Backyard roller coaster rides for sale offer a unique and personalized attraction for amusement parks and indoor entertainment centers. Beston Rides could satisfy all your special needs, don’t hesitate to contact us for price!

Ocean Adventure Small Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia
Customized Backyard Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia

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Videos of Beston Mini Roller Coasters for Sale

As the one of the most popular kiddie amusement rides for sale, backyard roller coaster for sale has been so popular all over the world. Here are some videos and cases of Beston mini roller coasters installed in different locations, which can be a valuable marketing tool to demonstrate the appeal and versatility of Beston small amusement rides. Potential customers and amusement park owners can get a firsthand look at how these rides operate and how investors enhance the overall entertainment experience in different settings.

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Popular Locations with Small Roller Coasters For Sale in Indonesia

Small roller coasters for sale are popular choices for various entertainment venues in Indonesia. These compact rides are versatile and can cater to a wide range of visitors. Here are some popular locations in Indonesia where you might find small roller coasters for sale:

  1. Amusement Parks: Established amusement parks and theme parks are always on the lookout for new attractions, including small roller coasters. These parks cater to a diverse audience, making smaller coasters suitable for families with children.
  2. Family Entertainment Centers: Family entertainment centers (FECs) are indoor or outdoor venues designed for family-oriented fun. Small roller coasters are ideal for FECs, where space may be limited, and a variety of attractions are desired.
  3. Shopping Malls: Indoor shopping malls often incorporate entertainment options to attract visitors. Mini roller coasters can be a unique addition to shopping center complexes, providing entertainment for families while shopping.
  4. Carnivals and Fairs: Traveling carnivals and fairs frequently feature a selection of amusement rides, including small roller coasters. These events provide an opportunity to showcase your roller coaster to a broad audience.
  5. City Parks: Some city parks in urban areas have amusement sections or playgrounds with rides. Small roller coasters can be a great addition to these spaces, offering excitement to local residents.
  6. Children’s Play Centers: Indoor play centers or playlands designed for young children often include small roller coasters, making them popular options for indoor family entertainment.
  7. Educational and Recreational Facilities: Institutions like science centers, museums, and recreational facilities sometimes incorporate smaller amusement rides, such as roller coasters, to provide educational and leisure experiences.
  8. Event Spaces: Small roller coasters may be used in event venues such as weddings and party venues, or may be interested as a unique entertainment option for special occasions.
  9. Zoos and Aquariums: Some zoos and aquariums offer additional attractions to enhance visitors’ experiences. Small roller coasters can be integrated into these settings, attracting families and children.

How to Cutomize Your Backyard Roller Coaster For Sale in Indonesia from Beston

Customizing a backyard roller coaster from Beston, or any other manufacturer, requires careful planning and communication with the manufacturer. Here are the steps you can follow to customize your backyard roller coaster in Indonesia:

  • Define Your Requirements

    Clearly outline your requirements and preferences for the backyard roller coaster for sale. Consider factors like the available space, target audience (children, families, etc.), design themes, safety features, and budget constraints. Be as specific as possible.

  • Needs Consultation

    Work closely with Beston Rides design and engineering teams. We will discuss your requirements, provide design options, and make recommendations based on our expertise. Collaborate on the kiddie coaster ride’s layout, size, track design, and theme.

  • Safety Compliance

    Ensure that the customized backyard roller coaster for sale in Indonesia complies with all relevant safety standards and regulations in Indonesia. Beston is familiar with these regulations and ensures that rides are designed to comply with them.

  • Theming and Elements

    Discuss the themes or elements you want to incorporate into the roller coaster’s design. Whether it’s a dragon theme, space theme, or any other animal concept, provide input on colors, decorations, and special features that enhance the coaster ride’s visual appeal.

  • Budget and Financing

    Work out the budget for the customized roller coaster. Beston should provide a detailed cost estimate based on your requirements. Discuss payment terms and financing options if needed.

  • Timeline and Delivery

    Agree on a production timeline and delivery schedule. Understand the lead time required for manufacturing, shipping, and installation of backyard roller coaster for sale in Indonesia.

  • Installation and Testing

    Coordinate the installation of the customized roller coaster in your site. Beston should handle this process with our experienced team. After installation, rigorous testing and safety checks should be performed.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Discuss post-purchase support, maintenance, and warranty terms with Beston. Ensure that they provide maintenance services and spare parts when needed. Once the roller coaster is installed, develop a marketing plan to attract visitors to your facility and ensure the smooth operation of the ride.

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Customizing a backyard roller coaster is a complex process, and clear communication with the manufacturer is essential. Ensure that all aspects of design, safety, and operation are thoroughly discussed and agreed upon before proceeding. By working closely with Beston, you can create a customized roller coaster that provides an exciting and safe experience for your visitors in Indonesia.

Why Choose to Buy Beston Backyard Roller Coaster in Indonesia?

Choosing Beston’s backyard roller coaster in Indonesia ensures a reliable, safe, and customized experience. Beston offers high-quality rides, adheres to safety standards, allows customization, and has a reputation for affordability. Beston Rides roller coaster manutacrurer extensive expertise and support make them a trusted choice for amusement park owners in Indonesia.

Quality and Reputation

Beston is a well-established and reputable amusement ride manufacturer with a history of producing high-quality rides. Choosing Beston means you are getting a reliable and well-crafted product.

Safety Standards

Beston Rides takes safety seriously. Their backyard roller coasters designed and manufactured  by Beston Rides meet or exceed international safety standards. This is especially important for providing a safe experience for riders, including children.


Beston offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the design, theme, and size of your backyard roller coaster to suit your specific needs and preferences. This ensures that the ride fits perfectly in your available space and aligns with your theme or concept.

Diverse Ride Options

Beston offers a wide range of ride options, from family-friendly kiddie coasters to more thrilling models. This allows you to choose a roller coaster that caters to your target audience, whether it’s young children or a broader age range.

Experience and Expertise

Beston has extensive experience in the amusement industry, and their teams are knowledgeable in ride design, engineering, and installation. You can benefit from their expertise throughout the purchase process.

Support and Maintenance

Beston typically provides support and maintenance services to ensure that your roller coaster remains in excellent condition and operates safely over time. This can extend the lifespan of your investment.


Beston backyard roller coasters have competitive pricing, making them an attractive option for amusement park owners and family entertainment centers in Indonesia.

Spare Parts Availability

Beston usually offers spare parts for their rides, making it easier to maintain and repair your backyard roller coaster when needed.

Global Presence

Beston is an international company with a global presence, which can provide you with access to a network of resources and support.

Beston Mini Roller Coaster- Good Business Choice

Investing in a Beston mini roller coaster can be an excellent business choice. Beston is a reputable carnival ride manufacturer in Indonesia known for quality and safety. Mini roller coasters are versatile, attracting families and children, making them a popular choice in amusement parks, family entertainment centers, fairs, shopping malls, and more. Beston Rides customization options allow you to tailor the ride to your specific theme and space requirements.

Mini roller coasters, designed for amusement parks and indoor playgrounds, operate with a simple yet thrilling mechanism. The compact design and limited height make them suitable for indoor parks and amusement centers. Backyard roller coasters offer exciting entertainment for families and children while maintaining safety, allowing riders to enjoy a taste of roller coaster excitement in a controlled environment. If you want to buy backyard roller coaster for sale, Beston will give you professional advice and reasonable price!

customized mini shuttle small roller coaster ride for sale in Indonesia
Backyard Roller Coaster in Indoor Playground

Indoor Playground With Small Coaster

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Small Roller Coaster in Theme Parks

Amusement Park With Children Coaster

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