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Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Are you planning to start a new park project or buy some amusement rides in Nigeria? If so, it is important to select a reputable amusement rides manufacturer with rich experience and professional service, which can make your business easier. Beston amusement is a great option for you to consider when you’re looking to buy amusement rides for sale in Nigeria. We can provide you more than your expectation, such as a wide variety of high-quality park rides, excellent customer service, competitive price, safety certifications, project operation and so on. In conclusion, you can always trust Beston and we can ensure your project’s success!

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Popular Beston Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

With the growth of Nigeria’s economy, the market of amusement rides industry in Nigeria is growing rapidly. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for a wide range of amusement rides, including roller coasters, ferris wheels, carousels, swing rides, indoor soft playground, and other rides and attractions that cater to different age groups and preferences. Moreover, many investors choose to invest in amusement and entertainment industry, such as amusement and theme parks, children’s parks, leisure resort, compound hotel project, indoor family entertainment centers, indoor fun centers, etc.

What’s more, it is a profitable business opportunity to invest in this industry when investors in Nigeria take all factors into consideration. Most importantly, they should make a market research and identify the most-in-demand amusement rides and select a suitable location. That is to say, investors should have a clear understanding of your landing site and market demands, and then choose the most suitable amusement rides for sale in Nigeria. If you need some supports, please feel free to contact us and Beston will always be here to provide you the high-quality amusement equipment and excellent services. Here are some amusement rides which are popular in Nigeria market:

Thrill Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Do you plan to invest in a park project with thrill rides? Which model?

Kiddie and Family Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Are you interested in Beston kiddie and family rides? Which one do you prefer?

Indoor Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Are you planning to build an indoor fun centers in Nigeria? Need a park solution?

Business Opportunities for Amusement Park Industry in Nigeria

Due to the population growth, rising disposable incomes, and a growing middle class, the amusement park industry in Nigeria has experienced a significant growth in recent years. And there are an increasing number of park investment which has opened up across the country, for example amusement parks, theme parks, leisure resort, scenic spot, family entertainment center, indoor fun centers, shopping malls, and so on. Besides, due to the end of COVID-19 pandemic, a new opportunity is coming for investors with the development of economy. The followings are some opportunities for amusement park industry in Nigeria, and investors can take advantage of the growing demand for amusement rides for sale in Nigeria to build successful businesses.

amusement park ferris wheel suppliers
Comprehensive Park Project

amusement park ferris wheel manufacturers
City Park Project

big ferris wheel manufacturer
Amusement Park Project

giant wheel carnival ride
Outdoor Square or Playground

ferris wheel company
Park Project for Building Roof

customized amusement park ferris wheel
Park Project for Farm

Where are you planning to install your park? Do you need a project solution?

Beston – A Leading Amusement Rides Manufacturer in Nigeria

Many investors in Nigeria may get confused and are undecided when they are starting park project or purchasing amusement rides in Nigeria market. Perhaps, they can consider about Beston amusement, a reputable and experienced manufacturer and supplier in China, and we can design, develop, produce and supply a variety of amusement park rides, as well as provide a profitable park solution for our customers. Check below to get to know what Beston can supply in detail, and feel free to contact us whenever you need our services and supports:

  • Rich Production & Design Experience

    We can always provide the most attractive amusement rides with different themes and capacities, which can adapt to different investors’ requirements.

  • Customization Solution

    Beston provides the customization services to meet the specific needs of individual clients in Nigeria, for example product and solution customization, etc.

  • Safe and Quality Rides

    All amusement rides manufacture with quality materials in our factory tally with the international standard, which are reliable, durable and built to last. At the same time, they are designed and produced with the highest safety standards.

  • Focus on Clients’ Demands

    Beston always insists customer first, bringing the best customer experience to them. And we respond quickly and solve different issues with high efficient. In addition, we provide park rides with innovative design to help them stand out among so many competitors.

  • Test Running and Certifications

    After production, Beston rides must be tested before leaving our factory, which includes no-load test, partial-load test and full-load test. Besides, we can offer a full set of certifications, such as ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, TUV, China CE, etc.

  • Warranty and Spare Parts

    There are one-year warranty to eliminate our customers’ concerns, and it also ensures that they are free from defects and functional for a specific period. What’s more, we will provide sufficient spare parts for some quick-wear parts to make it easier for them to maintain and repair the rides.

  • Installation and Training Services

    Except for the necessary foundation drawings, installation manual and videos, we also provide on-site installation and online installation to guarantee they can set up correctly. In addition, Beston also offers training service to ensure the safe and correct operation for operators.

  • Reliability and Good Reputation

    You can always trust Beston! Beston produce quality and safe amusement rides, deliver our products and services on time and as promised. Because of a portfolio of satisfied customers and successful projects, we have won customers’ trust and praise around the world!

Beston Amusement Rides at Competitive Price In Nigeria

As for investors in Nigeria who are planning to invest in amusement park industry, there are many factors that can affect the amusement rides prices and they had better pay much attention. When you are looking for to buy amusement park equipment, do not hesitate to contact Beston! Here are some reasons why investors can purchase amusement rides in Nigeria at competitive price from Beston amusement.

Beston has our own factory with comprehensive workshops and all quality amusement rides with exquisite workmanship and lean manufacturing process are directly from our factory, which can cut out middlemen and save money for customers. Different workshops in Beston Factory: cutting / welding / machining / assembly trial / sheet metal polishing / fiberglass / painting workshops, Strict Quality Control, etc.

Additionally, with professional design and technical teams, Beston provides tailored amusement rides for investors in Nigeria at competitive prices. According to their budget, landing situation, passenger flow, tourists’ preference, etc., we customize the solution for our customers’ indoor and outdoor park project in Nigeria. And the customized solutions we offer are just conforming to the specific demands of different customers.

Besides, we adopt the cost-effective manufacturing processes, which aims to produce high quality rides at lower prices for our customers. What’s more, there are a large-scale production facility which use advanced technologies to produce amusement rides. Above all, we can save a lot on production costs and offer competitive prices.

Lastly, we have streamlined logistics process, and it can ensure the quick, safe and timely delivery, which also produce a minimal cost on the transportation. In addition, the cost on amusement park investment also includes the excellent after-sales services such as installation, maintenance, and repair services, as well as spare parts availability.

To conclude, it is a great choice to buy amusement rides for sale in Nigeria from Beston, which can be a cost-effective investment.

What to Consider When Buying Amusement Rides In Nigeria

In order to guarantee the success of your park investment in Nigeria, there are several matters you should take into consideration, which can promote you to make a right decision. But when you are irresolute and can not make up your mind, please feel free to contact us! In Beston, our professional project manager can resolve your doubts, answer your consultation, provide professional suggestions, offer installation and operation guidance, and so on. Here are some factors that you can refer to:

  • Amusement Rides Quality & Capacity
  • Theme of Park Project
  • Safety Standards & Regulations

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Age Range of Target Audience
  • Space and Location

  • Investment Budget
  • After-sales Service
  • Customer Reviews

Beston – Your Optimal Selection to Start Park Project

When you are planning to start an amusement park project in Nigeria, it is an optimal option to choose Beston to buy amusement rides and obtain a cost-effective project solution with high ROI. With the extensive experience, competitive prices, high-quality products, and excellent after-sales services, we can help you improve your park business and bring in more value for park investment in Nigeria! Welcome all investors to come and visit our website and choose the most suitable amusement rides for sale with reasonable prices! What’s more, Beston will always be ready to help our customers and deliver happiness to Nigeria tourists.

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