65M Giant Ferris Wheel Installed in Kazakhstan

Beston has installed a 65 meters giant ferris wheel in Astana, Kazakhstan in December. From the photos below, you can see the effect of the 65 meters ferris wheel in the park in Kazakhstan, which is designed by Beston. And it has passed almost three years since it is installed in the park and until now, it works well and attracts many passengers for the park. Therefore, the customer in Kazakhstan sent us some customer feedback photos and a thank-you message to express his gratitude. Thanks for our customers’ trust and Beston will always help our customers succeed.

65 meters funfair ferris wheel
Effect of 65M Giant Ferris Wheel in Kazakhstan Park – Designed by Beston

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Choose Giant Ferris Wheel from Beston Amusement

At first, our customer in Kazakhstan has no idea about which type of ferris wheel to buy for the park. There are so many types of ferris wheels in Beston. Then our sales manager sent him the product catalog about different ferris wheels and introduce the differences. For example, according to the height, there are 20 m, 30 m, 42 m, 50 m and 65 m ferris wheels that sell wheel in Beston. After communication, according our customers’ land and budget, he finally confirmed the 65 m ferris wheel and then Beston began to produce the ferris wheel in our factory.

By Height By Structure By Driving Mode By Cabin Connection Mode By Cabin Material and Size
20M Ferris Wheel Truss Structure Motor Tire Friction Drive Hanging Square Cabin 4-person FRP cabin
30M Ferris Wheel Arm Spoke Structure Hydraulic Friction Drive Bundled Spherical Cabin 4-person Aluminum Alloy Cabin
42M Ferris Wheel Full Spoke Structure 6-person Aluminum Alloy Cabin
46M Ferris Wheel 8-person Spherical Luxury Cabin
50M Ferris Wheel
65M Ferris Wheel

Beston 65M Ferris Wheel Ride with High Quality

As a professional manufacturer with our own factory, Beston ferris wheel are manufactured with quality materials. We adopt the GB Q235B Qualified Steel for our ferris wheel, which has advantages of  high strength, good toughness and compression resistance, high structural accuracy. Besides, the durable FRP makes the ferris wheel more bright, environmental protection, last longer, and more attractive. What’s more, Beston factory has advanced technology and exquisite workmanship, which make our ferris wheel and other amusement ride with high quality. If you want to know more details about Beston company, please contact here now!

cabins for big wheel for sale

fairground ferris wheel cabins
Are you looking for to buy ferris wheel? Which type?

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Installation and Operation of 65 M Ferris Wheel in Kazakhstan

Beston company stipulates that all products must be tested many times before leaving the factory. Therefore, after it is delivered to Kazakhstan, the whole process of ferris wheel installation is very smooth and they installed the 65 meters ferris wheel according to the installation instructions we sent to our customers. At the same time, our service team and engineer guided the installation online which help them solve many problems.

After installation, the ferris wheel in the park is opening for business. Now, the operation of ferris wheel has been more than half and two years, and it has brought large benefits for our customers. As a profitable park rides, ferris wheel can accommodate more passengers, which means more benefits. But, there is no need to cost much to maintain and operate the ferris wheel. As for the 65 m ferris wheel, there are 36 cabins and each cabin can hold 6 persons. So, the ferris wheel can hold 216 passengers every time.

65 meters giant ferris wheel for sale
Quality 65 Meters Giant Ferris Wheel in Kazakhstan

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buy a 65m ferris wheel at lower price from Beston
Beston 65M Giant Ferris Wheel Installed in Kazakhstan

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What Beston Can Do for Our Customers?

Beston can do more than what you expect. Beston not only can supply quality products and services for our customers, but also can offer park solutions, project operation, park investment or project analysis. For instance, after confirming the demands, Beston can supply project solutions for our customers. As for this customer in Kazakhstan, we offered the effect drawing with Beston ferris wheel in the park and also some suggestions about project operations of the ferris wheel and the parks. If you need Beston, Beston will be always here to help you!
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