24-seat Carousel Ride for Leisure Resort in Philippines

Good news for our customer in the Philippines! After several months of communication, production, delivery and installation, Now, the 24 seats carousel ride for the leisure resort has been operated for several months. Because Beston amusement spares no effort to assist our customers in the whole process, the final effect is perfect and our customer felt very satisfied with the product quality, carousel ride appearance, and the operation. Here are the feedback photos of this amusement park carousel ride from our customer in the Philippines. Contact us for details if you are interested in this carousel ride!

buy a carousel ride in Philippines
24-Seat Carousel Ride in the Philippines

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Production of 24 Seats Carousel Ride in Beston Factory

As a professional factory with comprehensive workshops, Beston produces amusement rides, including the carousel rides, with high quality steel and FRP, advanced and specialized technology, and so on. Here are some details:

Carousel Ride Seats

There are various types of seats for customers to select from, such as different carousel horses, chairs, etc. Besides, we can customize the seats of different types of carousel rides.

FRP Materials

Beston adopts 3 Felt and 2 Platinum Fiber Cloth (Grade 191A) to produce the FRP, which has advantages of corrosion resistant, aging resistant, deformation resistant, environmental friendly.

Anti-skid Chassis

We adopt the special methods to process the chassis and make it anti-skid, which can protect them from skidding and ensure passengers’ safety.

Fine Treated Steel

Beston process the steel by cutting, welding, flaw detection, etc., and the steel is conforming to Chinese standard Q235B. So, we can ensure the high quality, safety, anti-corrosion, and service life.

Excellent Painting

We employ the experienced painting workers and guarantee 4 to 5 times of painting. So, the painting can make the carousel rides with bright colors, corrosion resistance and prolong the service life.

Customized Available

According to our customers’ demands, we can help them customize the carousel ride, such as the theme, color, appearance, and so on. The product customization will boom their investment or business.

Shipment of 24-seat Carousel Ride for Sale in the Philippines

After the carousel ride is finished in production, it will be tested with no load, partial load and full load. Then we will pack the carousel ride of different parts in different ways. Next, Beston will ship the carousel ride by sea and we promise the delivery in time and safely. If you have any other doubts, please feel free to contact Beston!

24 seats carousel ride delivery
Delivery of 24 Seats Carousel Ride for Sale in the Philippines

24 seats carousel ride delivery
Colorful Carousel Ride Delivery to the Philippines

Client Feedback – Installation Photos and Videos

After receiving the goods, there is no need for our customers to worry about the installation. In order to guarantee our customers can install the equipment conveniently, we provide installation guidance service for our customers. Except for on-site installation if available, Beston can also send the foundation drawings, installation instruction, installation videos and other necessary information for our customer. Besides, our technical engineers can guide the installation online. The followings are photos and videos from our customer in the Philippines:

fiberglass carousel horses for sale
Feedback of Carousel Ride Installation

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Contact Us to Buy Popular Carousel Rides for Sale in Beston

This colorful carousel ride for sale in Beston features the unique design, stable operation, easy to install, high ROI, customized available, and so on. So, it is popular among different investors. Many investors choose to invest the carousel in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals and fairgrounds, outdoor and indoor playgrounds, indoor fun centers, scenic spot and leisure resorts, shopping malls, even the residential areas, etc. Check the photos below and contact us for price lists!

fairground carousel for sale
24 Seats Colorful Carousel Ride for Sale

Amusement Park carousel purchase
16 Seats Kiddie Carousel Ride for Sale

Are you interested in the carousel rides for sale in Beston?

Beston also offers carousel rides with premium quality, various themes and different capacities. Customers can buy carousel rides with 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats and double-decker carousel rides. In order to meet our customers’ demands, we offer customization service and can customize the color, themes, appearance, logo, LED lights, and so on. Contact Beston to obtain the full carousel ride catalog here!

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