24-Seat Customized Pirate Ship Ride Installed in Kazakhstan

Our regular customer in Kazakhstan bought a customized pirate ship ride from Beston again. This is the third time he bought park rides from Beston. And the 24 seats pirate boat ride which is made of fiberglass has been installed and operated in the famous summit park in Almaty in Kazakhstan. It worked well since it is opened for business.

pirate ship amusement ride in Kazakhstan Park
24-Seat Customized Pirate Ship Ride with Attractive Lights

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This pirate ship ride is customized by us according to customers’ requirement, which can be matching the configuration with park. As it is so welcomed among the local passengers, the pirate ship ride can attract many visitors’ attention and bring much more profits for the park. He is always satisfied with our product quality and excellent service and would like to buy other park ride from us again in the future.

Feedback of Customer in Kazakhstan

The following is the video and photo which are provided by our customer in Kazakhstan to expressed his recognition and thanks. Thanks for your trust and we will do better in the future.

pirate boat ride for sale in Kazakhstan
Beston Customized Pirate Ship Ride in Kazakhstan

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Brief Introduction of the Project

The project is in a famous summit park in Kazakhstan – Кок тобе. There is an old iron-made pirate ship ride in the park, which is also purchased from China a few years ago (from other supplier). As it is used for a long time in the park. Our customer planned to upgrade some equipment and buy a new pirate boat ride to replace the old one. Therefore, after checking the design and quality of the rides in Beston, he sold the old ride and bought a new pirate ship ride from Beston directly.

  • Delivery Place: The pirate ship ride is delivered from Xi’an.
  • Shipping Type: It is transported to Almaty in Kazakhstan by train.
  • Delivery Cycle: About one month (from March 2022 to April 2022)
  • Installation Time: it took about one week to install the pirate ship ride. And customer arrange the installation by the local engineers according to the installation drawings and instructions. Sometimes, our technical engineers guided the installation though the online video conference.

How Did the Customer Find Beston?

Customer found us when he is searching online for a reliable manufacturer and supplier. After communication, we found that we have visited the park for three and times. And the 36 seats swing ride and electric go cart rides are also supplied by our company. He is satisfied with the quality and product appearance of Beston park rides, Thus, he contacted us and planned to buy the pirate boat ride directly from us.

Customer’s Initial Demand – Attractive Pirate Ship Ride

In order to attract more passengers for the park, our customer was not interested in the regular pirate ship ride and planned to buy a new and more attractive one to replace the old boat ride.

Customer’s Final Demands – Product Customization

For the sake of satisfying customer’s demand, Beston customized the 24 seats fiberglass pirate ship ride on the appearance, color. LED lights, ticket lobby, platform, etc. As soon as our customer saw the design drawing of customized pirate ship ride, he was attracted by the color and appearance, and directly decided to place the order and asked us to make the contract.

pirate ship amusement park ride for sale
Beston Customized 24Seats Pirate Ship Ride

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buy viking ship ride for sale
Customized Fiberglass Viking Boat Ride from Beston

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More importantly, Beston can accept the product customization (one of the park solutions offered by Beston) for our customers – customize various amusement rides from different aspects, such as theme, appearance, color, festival, and soon. If you have demands to customize some rides for your park, please feel free to contact Beston for help!

  • Christmas Theme Customization
  • Snow Theme Customization
  • Country Theme Customization
  • Festival Theme Customization
  • Product Logo Customization
  • Product Color Customization
  • Product Appearance Customization
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Beston Customized Pirate Ship Ride in Kazakhstan

As for the pirate ship ride which is customized in Beston amusement, the main material – FRP, are carefully selected in Beston factory. The whole design (including the color, appearance, theme, etc.) are conforming to the theme of the park. Besides, we also customized the style and details of the platform and ticket hall for the viking ship ride. We also decorated the ride with colorful and splendid lights, making the pirate ship ride more luxury. When it works, the unilateral swing angle is larger than 450, which can bring a thrilling experience for passengers in the park.

Reviews of 24-seat Customized Pirate Ship Ride in Kazakhstan

Now the pirate ship ride been installed and operated for a period of time, our customer says he is satisfied with our product quality, user experience, popularity as well as quality pre-sales, on-sales and after sales services. What’s more, he is fairly pleased to recommend Beston to everyone who he is familiar with.

excellent service from BestonAnd we have established a long-term cooperative relationship and he will continue to purchase various park rides from Beston – a well-known brand which is widely recognized. Therefore, anyone who have demands for amusement equipment or park projects, please feel free to contact Beston here!

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