Good News! 1968 m2 Indoor Amusement Park Project In Indonesia is Coming Soon

Good News! 1968 m2 indoor amusement park project in Indonesia is coming soon. We are glad to cooperate with our customers in Indonesia to have such an exciting and fun indoor playground for kids in Indonesia. This Macaron theme indoor playground for sale is designed according to the local preferences and customers’ needs. Now the indoor playground transportation has completed and will be coming soon.

Indonesia Indoor Amusement Park Project Overview

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Indoor Playground Equipments For Sale Design

Land Area 1968 m2
Location Bojonegoro, Indonesia
Project Type Indoor comprehensive Park Project
Delivery Aug-23
Project State Installing
Installation method Beston Installation Engineer On-site Guidance
Product Soft playground, jungle gym indoor swing sets & playsets, trampoline, sponge pool, role play house, sandpit, building block, climbing wall, rope equipment, and handmade interactive area.

Communication and Design Process

After receiving the inquiry request left by the customer on the website, we held an initial video meeting with the customer to understand the customer’s basic needs. After careful discussion and design, a 2D video conference was held to explain the design concept and related advantages. The customer was very satisfied with our solution and finally placed an order.

In this process, we stand from the customer’s standpoint and strive to make plans that maximize customer interests, including plan selection and theme selection, and conduct market research and competitor analysis based on local market conditions to ensure that our plans have the core competitiveness. If you want to invest in indoor playground equipment and need professional guidance, choose BESTON RIDES! We will help you success!

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Needs Communication Process

How much does it cost to build an indoor playground in Indonesia
Indoor Playground Competitors Analysis

Indoor Playground Competitor Analysis

Age GroupPriceRateLevelAd/DisadvantageGames
Competitor41-4 years3.7C, under competitiveSlide
Competitor11-8 years74.6B+, under CompetitiveClean, friendlyOcean ball, cosplay, trampoline, carousel, dodge ball, VR video
Competitor51-8 years64.6B, competitiveClean, Quiet, Cheapcosplay room, Lego building blocks, slide, ball pool, trampoline
Competitor111-8 years4A-, competitiveInteresting/Less servicecosplay room, small slide, ocean ball, birthday room, cinema
Competitor92-8 years104.9A, competitiveClean, interesting, safe, good servicebuilding blocks, cosplay S slide, ball pool, trampoline, runway, little cars
Competitor62-10 years154.1B-, under competitive
Competitor22-12 years12, +1 per hr4.2B+, CompetitiveInteresting/MessyDancing wall, climbing, lego, trampoline, cosplay staff, Ninja game
Competitor102-15 years4.1A-, competitiveInteresting/expensiveArcade Games, slide, runway, mechanical rides, trampoline
Competitor33-15 years15-124.3B, CompetitveInteresting/Rude, dirtyTrampoline, Ocean Ball pool
Competitor83-15 years153.9B, CompetitiveInteresting/Expensive, dirtyWaiting area, Trampoline, Ocean Ball pool, Lego
Competitor75-16 years20+3.8A, competitiveFun/Bad service, crowdArcade Games

Indoor Playground Design

Beston Rides is known for innovative and engaging indoor playground designs. Though specific designs can vary, we often incorporate various features to create an immersive and stimulating play environment for children. We have indoor playground successful cases all around the world. If you want to buy indoor playground jungle gym or other children amusement rides for sale, please contact us now!

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale in Indonesia
Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale in Indonesia

Indoor Playground Design

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Forest Theme Indoor Soft Playground

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Ocean Soft Indoor Playground Design

Customized indoor playground jungle gym for kids
Customized indoor playground jungle gym for kids

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