1320m2 Ocean Indoor Playground in Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to our customer in Saudi Arabia! Now the new ocean theme indoor playground for a shopping mall which is under construction. The indoor soft playground was designed for the shopping mall in Central Park hotel in Bisha for our customers, and it covers an area of 1320 square meters. And here is the installation feedback of this ocean theme indoor soft play equipment and our customers felt fairly satisfied with the design and our service. And would you like to invest in the indoor project for your business! Please feel free to contact us!

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1320m2 Ocean Theme Indoor Soft Playground Equipment in Saudi Arabia

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Project Overview of Beston Indoor Project in Saudi Arabia

  • The indoor project lies in the Bisha, southwest of Saudi Arabia. And the Central Park hotel is next to the shopping mall which is being built.
  • During communication, we got to know that the main purpose of investing in the indoor playground is to attract more passengers. In this way, he hopes to drive the development of the hotel industry and improve their business!
  • The customer in Saudi Arabia sent us an inquiry on April 14. At that time, the infrastructure of the shopping mall had been completed, but the interior decoration was poor. Because of the language, the investors entrusted the middleman to communicate with us to confirm the demands.
From April 14 to April 17 We communicated with our customer to clarify the needs.
From April 18 to April 24 We held several video conferences to confirm the layout of indoor playground
On April 28 We communicated with the ROI via video conference.
On May 9 We reached an agreement and signed a contract
On May 11 Our customer paid the order and then our factory started the production.
In the early July Beston completed the production.
In mid September The indoor playground was delivered to our customers from Zhongshan Port.
In early and mid October The goods arrived at the port in early October, and the customs clearance of goods was completed in mid October,
On October 21 Our customer began the installation.
On November 18 The installation was completed.
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Ocean Theme Indoor Soft Playground Layout
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Customized Ocean Theme Indoor Soft Playground Design:

After learning more about our customers’ demands, we communicate with our customer about the indoor project from different aspects, such as project positioning, passenger flow, preference, theme, and so on. In addition, the weather in Saudi Arabia is hot, and the ocean and ice and snow theme are preferred by people there. Therefore, our sales manager recommends the blue ocean theme indoor playground to customers, which is more popular with the local people and is good for the long-term operation. According to our customers’ demands and requirements, we customized the ocean theme indoor soft play equipment, which is the first large-scale indoor playground in Bisha. Here are the ocean theme indoor playground design from Beston technical team:

ocean theme soft play area equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia
Ocean Theme Indoor Soft Playground Design in Saudi Arabia

On-site Installation of Indoor Playground in Saudi Arabia

In order to assist our customer in the installation of indoor project in Saudi Arabia, our technical engineers flew to Saudi Arabia. We try our best to close to our customers to help them in different ways. First, Beston will install and test the indoor playground in our factory before delivery, which can guarantee the smooth installation when it arrived to our customers! Besides, we also sent the foundation drawings, installation instruction and videos, online and offline guidance, and so on. Whenever you need us, Beston service and support team will be always here to help you all!

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Indoor Playground Landing

indoor playground equipment prices in Saudi Arabia
Indoor Soft Playground Installation

indoor playground equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia
Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Installation

ocean theme soft play equipment to buy in Saudi Arabia
Installation of Ocean Indoor Play Equipment

Beston Service Team in Saudi Arabia
Beston Service Team in Saudi Arabia

soft play indoor playground equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia
Indoor Play Area Equipment in Saudi Arabia

indoor play equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia
Slide for Indoor Soft Playground

indoor play area equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia
Rainbow Tree in Climbing Section

indoor playground equipment installed at Saudi Arabia
Ocean Park – Indoor Project

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Feedback Video of Indoor Soft Playground in Saudi Arabia

Here are the feedback of the 1320 square meters’ ocean theme indoor soft playground which is installed by Beston Amusement! From the video, the indoor playground in Saudi Arabia is nearly same as the design, which will be welcomed by the local tourists. In the whole process, our customer felt very satisfied with the services we provide. And you also can see from the video and installation feedback here!

Installation Feedback of Beston Indoor Project in Saudi Arabia
Installation Feedback of Beston Indoor Project in Saudi Arabia

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