Customer Feedback of Beston Plastic Playground Slides in South Africa

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Customer Feedback of Beston Playground Slides in South Africa

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The followings are the customer feedback of the plastic playground slides. This playground slides are manufactured by Beston company, the top amusement park equipment manufacturer in China. Beston supplies different types of quality plastic playground slides for sale at the reasonable prices. All customers can contact us to get more photos and details of this hot sale kids amusement park rides. This playground slides are really popular  for kids in the parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, gardens, square, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, hotels, and so on. This playground slide is purchased by our customer in South Africa and it is applied to their hotels. Continue reading

UK Customer Visited Beston Factory to Buy Amusement Equipment

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Beston Rockin Tug Amusement Rides for Sale

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In March 8th, 2018, one of our customers from United Kingdom came to Zhenghou City, China and visited our company and factory. And three of our sales managers accompanied with this customer and they went to Xingyang city, Henan province to visit our factory. They visited our workshops and tested some amusement park equipment they are interested in the exhibition section. Finally, they chose some amusement rides, discussed the prices and signed the agreement. The followings are some photos of this UK Customer: Continue reading

Beston Amusement Park Equipment in Uzbekistan Park

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Beston Amusement Park Swing Rides in Uzbekistan Park

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In 2017, Beston company has designed and built several amusement and theme parks in Uzbekistan, including large parks and small parks. The followings are some photos of one of parks, including the amusement park rotating bee ride, rotary octopus amusement rides, inflatable slides, big-eye plane ride, shake-head wave swinger carnival rides, kiddie bungee jump rides, sliding dragon small roller coaster rides, pirate ship rides and so on. Continue reading

Buy Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Belarus

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Beston Rockin Tug Rides for Sale in Belarus

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Belarus Customer Bought Beston Flying UFO Rides

Best Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Beston – Professional Manufacturer

One of customers from Belarus has bought our amusement park equipment from Beston Company four times in two years. And he also said he will buy some other theme park equipment for his parks in this year. Recently, he also ordered several equipment from our company. He has bought various amusement park rides in our company, ranging from the thrill rides to kiddy rides, mechanical rides to inflatable rides, big-size to medium size. Continue reading

Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Uganda

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Uganda Customers Buy Breakdance Rides in Beston Group

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Beston amusement park equipment has been exported to different countries and areas around the world recent years. Beston is always in the leading position in manufacturing and supplying various amusement park rides, well-recognized by all our customers around the world. And the followings are parts of the feedback of customers in Uganda! And they bought several sets of amusement equipment for their own parks, ranging from the thrill rides to kiddie amusement rides. The feedback of fruit worm small roller coaster, breakdance carnival rides, kiddie ferris wheel. Continue reading

Diesel Trackless Trains for Shopping Malls in Bahrain

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Beston Diesel Trackless Train Rides in Bahrain

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Bahrain customers bought a trackless trains from our company – Beston group. This trackless trains is a new type diesel powered amusement trains for sale in Beston. It is well-recognized by our customers and this is the customer feedback of Bahrain Trackless Trains. Continue reading

Buy Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale in America

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Beston 3-seats Kiddie Carousel Rides in America

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Kiddie carousel rides are a kind of most popular rides in supermarket, school playground, indoor entertainment center, squares, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, residential quarters and other types of indoor and outdoor venues. Many investors choose to invest in this kiddie fairground carousel rides when they do not afford to buy big size carousel rides. It is cost-effective kids amusement rides for sale to buy for their amusement business. One of our America customer has bought a three seats kiddie carousel rides for his family. This is the feedback of this customer. And her daughter love it very much! Continue reading

Beston Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Russia

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Beston Luxury Carousel Fairground Rides in Russia

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Beston has exported our amusement park rides to countries and areas and we have already built more than ten parks this year. And this year, Beston sold amusement park rides to many places, such as Iraq,Bahrain,Nigeria, America, Uzbekistan, Canada, Cambodia, Pakistan, Australia, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Chile, Uganda. Especially, we have built several giant theme parks in Uzbekistan and Russia. They all convince our professional technique, high quality products and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. Continue reading

Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale in Nigeria

The followings are the feedback of customers in Nigeria. These inflatable bumper cars are in the bumper car center in Nigeria, which is built by Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. This bumper cars is mainly composed of several inflated battery bumper cars for kids and adults in a square. Equipped with gorgeous LED lighting and beautiful music, it is always attracting the attention of people passing by the bumper car center. Customers from Nigeria are quite satisfactory to our inflatable bumper cars.

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BAR-BC Beston UFO Inflatable Bumper Car Rides in Nigeria

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BAR-BC Hot Inflatable Battery Powered Bumper Cars in Nigeria

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Feedback of Beston Water Park Equipment in Philippines

The followings are feedback photos of some water games manufactured and supplied by Beston Amusement from our Philippines customer. They ordered a series of inflatable equipment and Water Park games for their water park, which has brought a large amount benefits for their investment in a short time! You can check the photos of the inflatable floating water parks, water bike or bicycle, and banana boats in their park in the below.

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BAR-WP1 Beston Inflatable Floating Water Park Equipment for Sale in Philippines

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