New Amusement Park Rides for 2015

Beston amusement park equipment constantly innovate in designing and manufacturing new type of amusement rides. Beston fairground amusement rides are always keep the pace with the development of technology and the demands of custoemrs. In this way, many new rides has been designed by Beston Co., Ltd.. The new amusement park rides for 2015 are the followings: happy car rides and human gyroscope rides.

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beston leswing car carnival rides for sale

Happy Car Rides for sale

The happy car ride is the newest electric kiddie amusement park rides and also belongs to the newly designed travelling or tourist car designed and manufactured by Beston amusement equipment, which has another name of the leswing car or leisure car and also sometimes people call it Le Bar Car ...
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human gyroscope ride for sale

Human Gyroscope Ride for Sale

The human gyroscope ride for Sale or the 3D space ring ride is also the new amusement equipment from Beston. The human gyroscope rides are one of the best selling amusement rides in Beston, which is very popular with the children and many young people in the amusement parks. The ...
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