Congratulations on the New Park in Iraq Built by Beston Group

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Beston Carousel Fairground Rides in Iraq Park

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It is really a great news that the new park is successfully built in Iraq. And Beston group plays an important role in the building of this new park from Iraq. Beston Company is a top and professional manufacturer and supplier of different types of amusement park rides. And has helped many customers around the world build the parks of different sizes, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and so on. Especially, Uzbekistan, our biggest market this year, has 6 projects processing at the same time from 2017 January – May. And the total sales amount in Uzbekistan is $2843071. Therefore, Beston amusement is a reliable and reputable business partner in the amusement equipment industry. Continue reading

Tajikistan Customer Buy Le Bar Cars from Beston Amusement

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Test Running of Beston Unfettered Car Rides in the Factory


Model: BAR-LB1
Capacity: 2 seats
Size: 1.7*1.6*1.6m
Area: 1.7*1.6m
Height: 1.6m
Speed: Adjustable
Power: 0.16KW
Voltage: 12V
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Tajikistan Customer comes to Zhengzhou, China visit our factory and our office in October, 2015. Three sales girls and our manager accompany him. They visited our factory which covers an areas of more than 63000 square meters in Xingyang City, and our company in Zhengzhou. And they have dinner together at least. This customer purchased our Le Bar Car rides, which is fairly attractive. Continue reading

Pakistani Customers Purchase Several Sets of Amusement Equipment from Beston Group

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Two Pakistani Customers And Our Sales Manager in Factory

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Two businessmen from Pakistan come to visit our factory in Xingyang City, Henan Province, China. Beston group, is a leading and professional manufacturer and supplier of various amusement park rides in China. This Pakistani Customer search what they want on Google search engine and find our company website. They scan all the website and find our company is more reliable. Then they send us some inquiries and get the timely responses. Through almost two months communicates by email or phone, they decide to come to visit our factory to confirm the products and finally Continue reading

Palestine Customers Placed His Order After Visiting Our Factory

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Palestine Customer Visited Beston’s Factory

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After visiting our factory in Xingyang City and our company in Zhengzhou City, our customer from Palestine finally place his order and choose some amusement park equipment: octopus fairground rides, bumper cars, carousel rides, self-control rotary plane rides, frog hopper rides, etc. He expressed his thanks for our sales manager and company after receiving his goods! Continue reading

How to Choose the Most Profitable Amusement Park Equipment?

As for almost all the investors, profit is one of their main aims they need to consider. Maybe some investors have no idea or have little knowledge of the project they invest! At that time they will need a professional team to give them some suggestions. And if you are investing in amusement equipment industry or looking for to buy some entertainment, you can choose Beston group to consult when you have some questions or plans. Beston is a professional manufacturer, supplier of different amusement rides and designer of theme parks!

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To a business dealer in amusement field, there are much more matters should be taken into consideration when they are choosing to buy the amusement park rides. They should consider the appearance as well as the cost of investment. And whether it can earn more profits is the priority among priorities among all factors. Then, how to choose the most suitable amusement rides which can make more money? Where should you pay more attention when selecting? Beston group will give you some advice about choosing the most profitable amusement equipment! Continue reading

What to Consider When Investing in Building an Amusement Park?

What matters should be taken into consideration when the investors decide to build their amusement parks? Beston will teach you that the answer is three matters: the funds, the site selection and the security. All the above three are indispensable.

Funds: as for the funds of building the amusement park, there are two items to consider when investing in creating the amusement parks: the upfront investment fund and the later stage investment stage.
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How to Choose the Best and Suitable Fairground Carousel Rides?

Fairground carousels rides are a kind of spinning amusement park equipment and has many other names, such as merry-go-round; carousel and galloper in American English; French carrousel; Italian carosello; roundabout in British English; jumper; horseabout; flying horses; 회전목마 in Korean; Аттракцион Карусель Russian; etc. As its names show, carousel ride is one of the popular and welcomed amusement rides Continue reading

Beston Electric Trackless Train Ride has Been transported to Chile

In August, 2016, this trackless train begins to be manufactured in our factory. After two weeks hard working, our staff in factory have succeed in designing and manufacturing this big elephant trackless train according to the requirements of our customers in Chile. To meet our customers’ demands, we manufactures this kiddie trains in the red color, which seems like more beautiful and attractive. Continue reading

Australia Customers Buy Bumper Cars Rides from BESTON Group

Our Austrian customers bought several bumper cars from our company – Beston group, professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier in China. Beston can offer various bumper car rides for our customers which re suitable for kids ranging from the small kiddies to the adults. It is popular in amusement parks, funfair, carnivals, indoor and outdoor playground, and so on. In generally, Beston hot sale bumper cars include the following types: Continue reading