Beston - Leading Amusement Equipment Manufacturer in China

Amusement park carousels for sale from Beston Amusement

Beston supply all kinds of quanlity carousels - Single decker and double decker, Grand and samll, Kiddie and Ocean, Antique and Modern style merry go round carousels.

Dodgem bumper cars for sale

Beston manufactures quality bumper cars for many years - Vintage style, Electric and battery powered, Spin zone and inflatable bumper cars.

Amusement park trackless train rides for sale

Our amusement park trains rides are famous for the great quality, fashion design and affordable cost.

Pendulum pirate ship rides for sale from beston amusement

Beston amusement pirate ship rides are hot sale thrill rides on the amusement equipemnt market. Click to see more details.

Samba balloon rides for sale - Eye-catching amusement attraction

Beston samba balloon amusement rides are popular sale rides for years - Fashion style, Eye-catching color - The amusement rides star in the fairground and amusement park.

Hot Sale Amusement Park Rides from Beston Amusement Equipment

Amusement Park Trains

Amusement park trains are also called the mini electric train and it is equipped with tracks, which is very popular and attractive. The kids track train ride is also the novel designed amusement park equipment, widely seen in small amusement park, indoor and outdoor playground. Beston is always the best and top manufacturer of quality amusement park trains for sale in China.

Bumper Cars

The bumper cars or dodgems in British belong to a kind of flat ride which is composed of several small electric cars which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and the quality bumper cars are turned on and off remotely by an operator. Some people also call the bumper cars some other names, such as bumping cars or dashing cars.

Carousel Rides

The Carousels are the necessary amusement rides for every amusement park and Beston is one of the largest carousel ride manufacturers in the world. There are many carousel rides that sells well in Beston: small/mini carousel, antique carousel, Grand Carousel, kiddie carousel, double decker carousel, Fiberglass Carousel, ocean carousels and so on.

Trackless Trains

The trackless train for sale manufactured in Beston Amusement Equipment is really well-known around the world, and this kind of train owns the new style and novel design. The Beston trackless train is welcomed by kids and adults. Beston park trackless train rides are a quiet, safe, very maneuverable and environmentally friendly electric train.

Thrill Rides:

quality tagada ride with best prices

Tagada Ride for sale

The tagada rides, one of the most popular amusement fairground ride and the fashion amusement ride equipment, are also called ...
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mini pirate ship ride for sale

Pirate Ship Ride for sale

The pirate ship ride has another name of viking ship ride and is a kind of moderate thrill ride, consisting ...
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buy jump amd smile amusement ride for sale cheap

Jump and Smile Ride for Sale

The jump and smile ride, as one of a few fairground rides which feature at the amusement parks, doesn’t stop ...
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quality frisbee funfair ride for sale

Frisbee Ride for sale

The frisbee ride, as an evergreen swinging ride, is a type of pendulum amusement ride specially with a circular gondola ...
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best Disco carnival rides supplier in China

Disco Ride for sale

The Disco ride which has another names: flying UFO and magic bowl ride, is one kind of internationally popular rides ...
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Swing Ride for sale

The swing ride is a new twist on a classic thrill ride and a kind of fairground ride. Many people ...
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top rocking tug ride manufacturer

Rockin Tug Ride for sale

The rockin tug rides have an another name flying car ride and are a kind of flat ride and also ...
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cheap frog hopper fairground rides for sale

Frog Hopper Ride for sale

The frog hopper rides, also called jumping frog, belong to the kiddie rides and thrill rides and it is a ...
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Kiddie & Family Rides:

balloon race ferris wheel for sale

Samba Balloon Ride for sale

Beston samba balloon ride for sale is a type of new designed amusement park equipment and belong to one kind ...
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amusement park train manufacturers

Amusement Park Trains for sale

The amusement park trains are also called the mini electric train and it is equipped with tracks, which is very ...
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a ferris wheel is built such that the height

Ferris Wheel for sale

The ferris wheel, sometimes, is also called a big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel, which is one of the ...
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human gyroscope for sale uk

Human Gyroscope Ride for Sale

The human gyroscope ride for Sale or the 3D space ring ride is also the new amusement equipment from Beston ...
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buy tea cup amusement rides from Beston

Tea Cup Ride for sale

Tea cup ride is a kind of classic rotate amusement ride that is characterized by cup-style spinning vehicles with a ...
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top ocean walk fairground rides for sale

Ocean Walk Ride for sale

The ocean walk rides are the most popular amusement kiddie rides which have the beautiful and shinning appearance and can ...
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mini ferris wheel ride prices

Mini Ferris Wheel for sale

Mini ferris wheel (also known as observation wheel) is the miniature of the ferris wheel ride and belong to a ...
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pirate ship carnival ride

Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

The mini pirate ship ride is the small scale of the general pirate ship ride and vary popular among many ...
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top mini frisbee ride manufacturer

Mini Frisbee Ride for Sale

The mini frisbee ride, also called small/mini pendulum ride, is the scaled-down model of the frisbee ride for adults and ...
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buy quality mini swing ride for sale

Mini Swing Ride for Sale

Mini swing ride, just like the generally swing ride, has many names, such as flying chair, chair swing ride, swing ...
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Fight Shark Island Rides for sale

The fight shark island rides are a kind of newly designed spinning amusement equipment and the rides can accommodate 24 ...
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Happy Car Rides for sale

The happy car ride is the newest electric kiddie amusement park rides and also belongs to the newly designed travelling ...
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best rotary bee rides supplier in China

Rotary Bee Rides for sale

The rotary bee rides are a type of rotary type amusement rides and it belong to the kiddie rides. The ...
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sales of Self Control Plane Rides cheap

Self Control Plane Rides for sale

Self control plane rides are a kind of kiddie amusement rides which is very funny and interesting. This kind of ...
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cheap spray ball car ride

Spray Ball Car for sale

The spray ball car, also known as the happy/joy spray ball car, belong to one of the most traditional amusement ...
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best rotary octopus ride supplier

Rotary Octopus Rides for sale

The rotary octopus rides are a kind of most popular fairground amusement rides and it is designed in the shape ...
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